Application Procedure for Canadian-American Center Awards and Fellowships


Application Requirements and Guidelines

1. Print the following:

  • Cover Sheet (required for Canadian-American Center Fellowships, New England-Atlantic Provinces-Québec Fellowships)

2. FLAS and Summer FLAS only; follow the special instructions here:

3. Graduate Student applicants must provide the following materials to their academic department’s Graduate Coordinator:

  • a completed and signed application Cover Sheet (see link above)
  • a copy of the student’s transcripts (official or unofficial versions accepted)
  • a two-page description of the applicant’s research, which addresses the following: a description of the project / an abstract, and:
    • For New Applicants:
      • MA/MS students: a statement of purpose, one page double-spaced.  In your statement, please discuss the following: 1) how Canadian studies fits into your overall academic program and career goals; 2) what you have chosen to research; 3) what specific things you plan to do during the fellowship period; and 4) how these activities contribute toward your academic and career goals
      • PhD students: in addition to the statement of purpose described above for Master’s students, please provide an abstract for your project
    • For previous CanAm Center award recipients who are reapplying as a doctoral student, please also include:
      • a discussion of your methodology and current stage of project (at least 1 paragraph)

4. The Graduate Student Applicant’s advisor must write a letter endorsing the student and their work, and will submit this to the Department’s Graduate Coordinator to submit with application. 

5. The Department’s Graduate Coordinator will complete the Cover Sheet for each application and assemble each application packet to submit.

6. The graduate coordinator will submit a digital copy of the completed application packet as a single PDF file by email on or before the due date to Center director, Frederic Rondeau (frederic.rondeau@maine.ledu) or Administrative Specialist, Aaron Lefebvre (