Canadian Studies Minor

The Canadian-American Center administers one of the largest and most comprehensive Canadian Studies programs in the country.  Students have a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary study of Canada in all colleges.

Students may select from the current offering of courses, outlined in the Canadian Studies Fall 2022 Course List.  The program is particularly strong in Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, French, History, and Political Science.  In addition, there are course offerings in Art, Business Administration, Education, English, Forestry, Franco American Studies, Geography, Geology, Journalism, and Native American Studies.

A student majoring in International Affairs may choose the Canadian Studies concentration.

Requirements for a Minor

Undergraduate students may obtain a minor in Canadian Studies by taking 18 credit hours of Canadian courses.

The courses must include:

Note: Courses taken at a Canadian university through the Canada Year Program or Study Abroad in Canada semester may also be included in the minor and applied toward the 18 credits.

Students must have received a grade of C or better and a GPA of 3.0 for the six courses that are submitted for the minor in Canadian Studies.

Majors may count 1/3 of major-related courses toward the Canadian Studies Minor.

For more information about requirements and procedures for a Minor in Canadian Studies, contact Frederic Rondeau, Director of the Canadian-American Center.


Full Canadian Studies Course Offering

*Not all courses are offered every semester or academic year

Courses with 100% Canadian Content

Courses with 25% or more Canadian Content


Archived Courses – Courses that are not currently offered


25% or more