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Advisor: Bill Osmer – William.Osmer@maine.edu

President: Baylor Landsman – baylor.landsman@maine.edu

Vice President: Kylie Bork – kylie.bork@maine.edu

University of Maine Wrestling

2017 NCWA Division II National Champions

UMaine Wrestling joined the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) in 2013.  The team is open to male and female wrestlers as the NCWA hosts men’s and women’s divisions.  Currently, there are more than 150 member institutions in the NCWA.  The NCWA has a national duals championship, a national qualifier tournament, and a national championship tournament.

Wrestling in the NCWA closely mirrors NCAA wrestling with two notable exceptions.  First, unique to the NCWA is an additional weight class of 235 lbs.  Second, the NCWA allows teams to qualify two wrestlers per weight class for the national championship tournament.  This allows for increased wrestling opportunity for our athletes.  For more information on the NCWA visit www.ncwa.net

In recent years the UMaine team has competed all across New England and as far away as Virginia, Texas, Florida, and Canada.  Competition comes from other NCWA teams, NCAA Division III teams, NJCAA teams, and wrestling clubs.

The UMaine NCWA wrestling team is proud of the success of our wrestlers.  In addition to a team title, UMaine has produced multiple NCWA All-Americans including a men’s champion and a three time women’s champion as well as numerous Academic All-Americans.

We welcome wrestlers of all background and ability to join our team.

4x National Champion 101 lbs. – Samantha Frank


NCWA National Champions   NCWA All-Americans   NCWA Academic All-Americans
2015 Samantha Frank   2015 Samantha Frank   2015 Neal Harrison-Billiat
2016 Samantha Frank   2015 Jake Powers   2016 Samantha Frank
2017 Samantha Frank   2015 River Robertson   2016 Rusty Wilson
2017 Brent Waterman   2016 Samantha Frank   2017 Samantha Frank
2018 Samantha Frank   2016 River Robertson   2017 River Robertson
      2017 Samantha Frank   2018 Samantha Frank 
      2017 Brent Waterman   2018 Hilary Merrifield 
      2017 River Robertson   2018 Tyler Everett 
      2018 Samantha Frank   2018 Cooper Power
      2018 Hilary Merrifield   2018 Rusty Wilson
      2018 Sierra Fonger   2018 River Robertson
      2018 River Robertson      
2017 National Champion 141 lbs. – Brent Waterman
2015 NCWA All-American 174 lbs. – Jacob Powers
2017 NCWA Division II National Champions
4x NCWA All-American 184 lbs. – River Robertson