What is Black Bear Fit?

  • Formerly known as Big Bears to Little Bears
  • 12-week fitness challenge
  • Teams of 4-6 people create a supportive social environment
  • Each week, participate in two team-based training sessions with a personal trainer
  • Fitness Assessments at the start and finish of the program to track your progress
  • Discounted FitPass for access to all the not-free Group Exercise classes
  • Teams are scored based on Group Exercise class attendance, recreational exercise, and fitness improvements
  • Prizes will be awarded to the team with the highest score
  • UMaine Employees earn Rise Up points.

What to Expect

Show up ready for a great workout! A 60-minute session includes a warm-up, a variety of strength and cardio exercises and a cool down/stretching period. The trainers like to keep everyone interested by using a variety of equipment and training techniques. Circuit training is one of our favorites! The focus of each group may differ slightly depending on what the group is interested in doing, from running to building strength with free-weights and machines. Our goal is to see each individual improve in ways that are meaningful to them.


Registration Begins: 2-3 weeks before start date
Informational Meeting: We always have an info session.  Be on the lookout for days and times each semester.
Sessions Begin: 2-3 weeks after the start of each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Member: $115; Non-Member: $140
You do not need a membership to attend the program sessions or fitness classes, but if you would like to use the Recreation Center outside of the program and fitness classes you will need either a membership or day pass. Visit the front desk or our website for more information.
How to Register:  Register as a team or as an individual.  Register online or in person at the front desk of the Rec Center.
Days and Times:  Times may vary each semester, but typically we have multiple groups at 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and various times in the late afternoon and evening.
If you have a group of 4 or more and would like to request a time that is not already available you may contact Caitlin Caserta.

Current Session Info

Fall 2017 Session: September 11 – December 8 (No training Oct 9-10Nov 22-24)
*Spring 2018 Session: Jan. 29 – April 27 (No training Feb. 19March 12-16April 16)
*Spring Registration opens Dec. 18.
A happy BBF group with their Trainer!
I LOVE the BBLB program... It is a lifelong enterprise, this “being fit and healthy” work. For me at 60, and no longer being able to run regularly, I now count on BBLB as the main anchor in my fitness “life.” I felt I got a great workout each day...plus I continued to enjoy exercising with the group, (and) kept my early-morning go-to-the-gym habit. Janet
BBLB is a cost effective way to workout with a personal trainer, as well as a consistent group of people. The individual personalities of each group member combine to make the workouts fun. I typically alter the general workout to meet the needs of the various abilities of the group. Jared (Personal Trainer)
I joined BBLB in May last year and I keep signing up...I really enjoyed the program. It was a great way to stay focused. I could see how I was doing and it helped to not stress over my weight and progress. I’m so glad I found out about BBLB... this just works for me. And THANK YOU!!! to all the trainers for helping us reach our goals. Shelby