Student Rec Fee Waiver Request Received

Your Rec Center Fee Retraction Request has been received. Starting after Add/Drop is over, requests are processed in the order in which they are received, and sent to the Bursar’s office in weekly batches. Remember, as stated on the retraction request page, retraction requests from students who live within 35 miles, or who take any classes held on campus, or who are required to use any resources located on campus, will be denied.

To avoid late fees, you must pay your student bill in full (including the Rec Center Fee) before the due date, even though you have submitted a fee retraction request. Requesting a Rec Fee retraction is not a guarantee that you will receive one, and late fees can not be waived.

If your Recreation Center Fee retraction request is approved, the retraction will be applied to your bill by the Bursar’s Office. It will appear on your bill as a separate line called Rec Center Fee Retraction. You will see the Retraction on your bill once it has been approved and processed. You will not receive any other notification from us regarding the status of your request, so be sure to check your bill regularly.