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Membership Requirements

Any student, faculty, or staff of UMAINE may join the Blade Society, provided they have health insurance.


The Blade Society has the teaching expertise of advanced members, who take a strong approach in teaching other students, as well as experienced coaches. Sam and Ben Goff are our current coaches with the Blade Society.


Blade Society meets Wednesdays at 7:00 pm and Friday at 6:00 pm in the Foster Room of the Rec Center. We also participate in on-campus events, such as the New Student Organization Fair at the start of the year, and the Friends and Family Weekend Student Organization Fair.

History of Fencing

It provides a brief historical overview of fencing, and some recommended links and the reading material, for those interested in learning more about the historical aspects of fencing.

Weapons Forms and Other Useful Information

Currently, the Blade Society focuses on fencing and rapier combat as its main styles of combat recreation. Assuming we have members with training in other areas who have teaching capabilities, we may also offer other types of recreational bladed combat. The rules and armor requirements used in the Blade Society are borrowed from an international non-profit organization known as the SCA- Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA reproduces medieval and renaissance times through clothing, food, combat, and other activities. There has been rapier combat for more than 20 years in the SCA with no serious injuries.


The Blade Society owns all the major equipment that a fencing or rapier combat student may need. If a student decides to stick with the club and advance into intermediate techniques, we recommend that they consider purchasing their own equipment. However, this is by no means a requirement of the club, and not owning equipment should never interfere with club membership. For basic clothing, students must have all skin covered when fencing. The fencing mask, gloves, and jacket that the club provides cover the upper body. A good T-shirt should be worn underneath. A pair of shoes with good traction and ankle support are recommended. No open-top shoes or sandals. Male students are required to wear a cup once they start fencing, and it is highly recommended that women purchase a female athletic cup as well as breast protectors, but it is not required.

Upcoming Events

Blade Society participates in both SCA and USFA events.


We want to expose students to the basics of fencing and rapier combat. The basics take about a semester. At that time students are encouraged to start developing their own style and take initiative in asking for further instruction. Above all else, we want to make sure that as a member of the Blade Society, you are having fun while learning.

Blade Society

The Blade Society teaches both sport fencing and rapier combat (basic and intermediate levels). The club promotes interest in the use and history of blade weapons while providing a fun and safe environment for the UMaine community. No experience is necessary and equipment is available through the club.

The Blade Society is a Recreational Sports Club of The University of Maine that teaches sport fencing, rapier combat, and other forms of bladed combat recreation. We are a free club open to all students, faculty, and staff. The Blade Society is geared towards the instruction in beginning and intermediate techniques, yet anyone interested in advanced styles and techniques is definitely welcome. No experience or equipment is needed by the beginning student. The only requisite is a willingness to learn and participate in Blade Society activities. Unfortunately, we cannot have everyone fencing the first practice that they come to. Learning how to fight safely can take time, but the rewards that come from the experience are well worth it. Please stop by; see what we do, and try it out.