About UMaine Club Baseball

The UMaine Club Baseball Team participates in two leagues, The ACBA in the spring and NECBA in the fall. Our program started small and had a hard time competing, but has expanded into a well-established team with 3 consecutive winning seasons where we have made the playoffs. The involvement in two leagues allow for a great variety of teams ranging all the way to Connecticut and Vermont. We are a very competitive group when it comes to games, but we also like to have fun. Our games are played on the weekends as double headers and we practice 2-3 times a week. The spring season has 8-12 games and the fall has 10-16 games.

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Game Schedule 23′ – 24′

Sep. 30th & Oct. 1st vs. Holy Cross 
(Doubleheader on Sat. Tentative start time @7:30pm, and 3:00pm start Sun.)
Oct. 7th & 8th @ UMass Lowell, Time TBD
Oct. 21st & 22nd @ Boston University, Time TBD
Apr. 6th & 7th vs. Merrimack, Time TBD
Apr. 13th & 14th vs. URI, Time TBD