University Volunteer Ambulance Corps (UVAC) & Fire Marshals

UVAC offers their services for free, for more information call 581-4017. To inquire about Fire Marshals and associated fees contact Orono Fire Department at 866-4000.

University of Maine Police Department

For events expecting attendance in excess of 50+ people and all outdoor events groups/departments must complete an Event Management (EM) Form.  These events may require you to hire a police officer for the event. The approved Event Management (EM) form will tell you if you need to hire officer(s).  The current cost of hiring an officer is $40.00 per hour. University Police Department will need two (2) weeks notice for hiring officers for events. All events where alcohol is present will require police officer(s).  Contact the University Police department and ask to meet with Chief Roland LaCroix (207) 581-4053 to discuss your event after you have received the approved EM form.

Student Government, Inc.

UMSG Website

Pam Rideout, Assistant to the V.P. for Financial Affairs of Student Government Inc., 581-1778

Only recognized clubs that have final approval from Student Government may request funds. Applications for funding requests are available in the Student Government Office, ground floor in the Wade Center for Student Leadership.  For more information about how your group can become a Student Government recognized club email the current VP of Student Organizations.

All requests under $1000.00 are decided upon by the EBC

All requests over $1000.00 are determined by the Senate at their meeting.

* Funds under $1,000.00 can also be subject to approval by the Senate as well.

The current VP of Financial Affairs will email you and let you know the status of your funding request.