Susan Brawley displaying a particularly large Alaria specimen

Susan H. Brawley University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.)

My laboratory focuses on studies of marine algae, including all aspects of algal reproduction. We have determined natural fertilization success, described the mechanisms algae use to achieve high fertilization success, and are now studying pathways for asexual versus sexual reproduction. An application of this knowledge is some work by the lab to develop integrated polytrophic aquaculture and new products and new markets based on sea vegetables.

Currently, most of the work in the laboratory is related to the Porphyra umbilicalis (“laver”) whole-genome sequencing project. Other recent projects include studies of the origins and effects of invasive marine species in the northwestern Atlantic and recruitment dynamics and population structure of brown algae called rockweeds. Rockweeds are the most abundant marine algae on rocky shores of the North Atlantic. In the last two years, these projects have been based in Maine, Nova Scotia, China, Scotland, and Ireland.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining us.