Take field trips with classmates!
Meet the executive team of ASCE!

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is an organization that will introduce you to real-life jobs by allowing you to hear professional engineers discuss different aspects of their field during our meetings. ASCE will also give you the opportunity to meet potential employers and network with other students also in Civil Engineering.


Meetings are at 12:00 pm on Wednesdays in 309 Boardman Hall! Typical yearly dues are $20, while individual semester dues are $15. Pizza may be served during meetings and is free to members. Pizza is served at $1 per slice if you are a nonmember attending a meeting. 

Any new members interested in joining can reach out to any of our officers, listed below.

President: Maeve Shea, maeve.shea@maine.edu

Vice President: Alden Burns, alden.burns@maine.edu

Treasurer: Kettie Cormier, kettie.cormier@maine.edu

Secretary: Ethan Shell, ethan.shell@maine.edu

Social Media / Outreach: Elliot Dixon, elliot.dixon@maine.edu

Faculty Advisor: Eric Landis, eric.landis@maine.edu 

ASCE Weekly: umaine.asce@gmail.com 

Any past or present member can renew their National ASCE membership online using the link here:  https://www.asce.org/student_resources/