Seminar series

As part of the UMaine Arctic Initiative, in partnership with the New England Arctic Network, we are pleased to announce the UMaine Arctic Seminar series.

This seminar series brings together researchers, educators, and others with interests in the high north and in how changes in the Arctic impact New England. The seminar series speakers will provide an overview of their area(s) of expertise and highlight topics they see as ripe for convergent engagement. Each event will consist of two 30-minute presentations, followed by discussion. We aim for these seminars to educate the community about activities and opportunities in a wide range of fields and, equally importantly, to identify topics of common purpose and synergy.

Please contact Jason Charland or Kristin Schild with any questions or if you are interested in presenting. This message is going out to people who have signed up for the UMaine Arctic Network using our Google form.

Please encourage any others interested to join!

Photo of ice on a beach