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Wellness Advisory Council

  • Joanna Fichthorn-Rosebush, Wellness Program Manager, WAC Chair
  • Kristie Deschesne, Associate Director for Campus Recreation, Division of Student Affairs
  • Tom Hopkins, Director of Compensation and Benefits, Systems Office
  • Katherine Kittridge, Director, Dining Services, Auxiliary Services
  • Dorothy Klimis Zacas, Professor of Clinical Nutrition, Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Wayne Maines, Executive Director of Safety, Health Services, Transportation, and Security
  • Kathleen McIntyre, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Polly Moutevelis-Burgess, Director, Employee Assistance Program
  • Kenda ScheeleAssistant Vice President and Senior Associate Dean of Students
  • Lauri Sidelko, Director of the Student Wellness Resource Center
  • Kawika Thompson, Manager of Health Improvement, Systems Office
  • Janet Waldron, Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Brianna Woodworth, Wellness Educator, Cutler Health Center
  • Willow Sherwood, Human Resources Officer
  • Richard Young, Practice Manager, Cutler Health Center