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Student Life - Student Advocacy

An Advocate can help you:

  • Succeed in your goals by
  • Understanding the challenges you face…
    • dealing with deferred disciplinary suspensions
    • facing academic probation
    • discussing future career plans
  • Considering how to overcome person/social/academic problems when necessary through appropriate referrals…
    • Personal Problems:
      • Managing anger
      • Coping with family issues
    • Social Problems:
      • Exploring relationship issues
      • Avoiding personally damaging situations
    • Academic Problems
      • Dealing with test stress
      • Helping with course withdrawals
  • Communicating your concerns to faculty, staff and parents….
    • Critiquing student letters of appeal
    • Explaining personal problems to faculty
    • Discussing alcohol/drug policies with parents
  • Eliminating red tape to help you cut through barriers…
    • Helping with refunds
    • Expediting use of student resources (disabilities, counseling, tutoring)
    • Mediating policy issues (parking, withdrawals, conduct violations)
  • Examining issues and problem solving…
    • Discussing educational options
    • Discussing the seriousness of disciplinary sanctions
    • Balancing school and work
  • Developing strategies for success…
    • Promoting a well-rounded education (concerts, plays, recreation)
    • Making use of resources (The Tutor Program, the Writing Center)
    • Learning time management techniques

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 581-1406.

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