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Faculty - Baycka Voronietsky

Baycka VoronietskyBaycka Voronietsky, Associate Professor of Music Emerita

When in Poland, Baycka Voronietsky studied in Gdansk Elementary, High School and Conservatory of Music, “F.Chopin” Warsaw Conservatory of Music, under the President of the Chopin International Piano Competition, Zbigniew Drzewiecki, and received her first masters degree in Performance.

As the winner of the Student Baroque Competition, she received a scholarship to Venice and then the Rome Conservatorio “St. Cecilia,” where she studied under the maestros Vitale and Agosti.

She emigrated to the United States in 1969, and went first to New York and then to California. She studied at the California Institute of the Arts with Leonid Hambro. At the University of Massachusetts she studied with Fernande Kaeser, a student of the renowned Dinu Lipati. There she received her second master in Piano Performance & Pedagogy.

She went to Maine in 1978 and, enchanted by the beauty of nature, she decided to make Maine her home state. Baycka holds a position of Associate Professor Piano at the University of Maine in Orono.

Baycka began her public performances at the age of 7 when she shared her love for dance and piano and performed in both disciplines. When still in Europe her performances included Poland, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Morocco. She has been featured with the Gdansk Philharmonic, performed on Radio Italiano, as well as on Spanish and Danish radios.

In the United States her performances have included states such as Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, Vermont and her home state of Maine. In 1982 she performed Chopin’s Concerto in E Minor with The Bangor Symphony under the late maestro Werner Torkanowski.

She also gave numerous solo and chamber recitals on the University Campus, as well as on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network. She also performs in duo piano recitals with her University of Maine colleague and friend Kathryn Ann Foley. In Baycka’s career she tries to balance and share her love for teaching with equal love for piano playing.

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