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About Us

Welcome to the School of Economics. Formed in 2007 through the merger of the longstanding Departments of Economics and Resource Economics and Policy, the School of Economics has over 20 faculty members, mostly composed of economists.  However, we distinguish ourselves from many economic programs by embracing interdisciplinary teaching and research.  As a result, our faculty also consists of an environmental lawyer, a social psychologist and a human-ecologist (a branch of anthropology).  Further, many of our faculty work with other disciplines (e.g. various environmental sciences, engineering and communications) so as to work closely with various stakeholder groups to generate useful information to help solve problems,

We offer both undergraduate and graduate courses in economic theory, econometrics, and several specific fields of study including: community and regional economics; environmental and health economics; financial and business economics; international economics; and public and labor economics.  The goals of the School’s academic programs are to train students to think analytically and critically about social, environmental, and economic issues, and to provide a solid foundation in social science, not only for further study and careers in economics, but also for careers in law, public service, business, and other applied policy fields. Our unifying conviction is methodological: economics can be a powerful tool for understanding society and public policy issues, while also being flexible enough to allow integration with other disciplines and specialties so as to analyze and help solve real world problems.

The faculty of the school are housed in Winslow and Stevens Halls. Our Director, Professor Mario Teisl, and his support staff (Karen Moffett and Shelley Rollins) have offices in 206 Winslow Hall.

5782 Winslow Hall
Orono, ME 04469-5782
Phone: 207-581-3154 | Fax: 207-581-4278

5774 Stevens Hall
Orono, ME 04469-5774
Phone: 207-581-3154 | Fax: 207-581-1851