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Alan B. Cobo-Lewis

Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin, 1992), Associate Professor of Psychology.

Teaching Interests: perception, quantitative psychology.

Research Interests: visual perception, language development, statistical and computational methods.

Merrill F. Elias

Ph.D. (Purdue University, 1963) M.P.H. (Boston University, 1996), Professor.

Teaching interests: biostatistics, behavioral epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology.

Research interests: cardiovascular-epidemiology and cognition, relations among aging, cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease risk factors, cognitive performance and dementia.

Shawn Ell

Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara, 2003), Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: statistics, research design and methodology, brain & behavior, learning and memory, sensation and perception, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, computational modeling.

Research interests: neurobiology of learning and memory, categorization, skill learning, implicit and explicit memory, computational modeling, working memory, basal ganglia, cognitive neuroscience.

Cynthia A. Erdley

Ph.D. (University of Illinois, 1992), Professor.

Teaching interests: child and adolescent psychology, social development.

Research interests: social cognition, children’s peer relationships.

Thane E. Fremouw

Ph.D. (University of Utah, 1998), Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: cognition, cognitive neuroscience, learning.

Research interests:neural mechanisms of auditory processing, category learning, memory and attention.

Emily A.P. Haigh

Ph.D. (Kent State University, 2009), Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: Abnormal Psychology; Psychopathology; and Ethics and Professional Issues

Research interests: Cognitive vulnerability to mood disorders, biological correlates of the cognitive model of depression; cognitive vulnerability and protective factors (e.g. negative cognitive content, rumination, decentering); and specifying cognitive processes across mood disorders

Marie J. Hayes

Ph.D. (Northeastern University, 1979), Professor.

Teaching interests: infancy and early childhood, developmental theory, developmental psychobiology.

Research interests: behavior of human neonates, ontogeny of sleep and arousal mechanisms, assessment of function in infancy.

Jordan P. LaBouff

Ph.D. Baylor University (2011), CLAS-Honors Preceptor of Psychology

Teaching interests:  Research methodology, social psychology, psychology of religion.

Research interests:  Social psychology of religiousness, intergroup bias, and humility.

Peter J. LaFreniere

Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 1982), Professor.

Teaching interests: ethology, emotional development, family and peer relations.

Research interests: developmental psychopathology, anxiety and social withdrawal, cooperation and competition.

Shannon McCoy

Ph.D. (University of California, Santa Barbara, 2003), Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: social psychology, statistics, methodology.

Research interests: social psychological study of the self, social identity, and social stigma.

Douglas W. Nangle

Ph.D. (West Virginia University, 1993), Professor, and Director of Clinical Training.

Teaching interests: abnormal psychology, advanced clinical assessment, child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Research interests: child and adolescent peer relations; adolescent other-sex social interactions and competence; social skills assessment and intervention.

Michael A. Robbins

Ph.D. (University of Maine, 1985), Research Associate Professor and Psychology Department Chair.

Teaching interests: statistics and research methods, personality, environmental and health psychology.

Research interests: relations of health behaviors and vascular disease risk factors with cognitive functioning and quality of life.

Alan M. Rosenwasser

Ph.D. (Northeastern University, 1980), Professor.

Teaching interests: physiological psychology, animal behavior.

Research interests: psychobiology of biological rhythms and motivated behavior.

Sandra T. Sigmon

Ph.D. (University of North Carolina-Greensboro, 1989), Professor.

Teaching interests: abnormal psychology, advanced psychopathology, health psychology.

Research interests: seasonal affective disorder, depression, coping with stress and health-related problems, gender issues in psychopathology.

K. Lira Yoon
Ph.D. (Northwestern University, 2006), Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: Abnormal psychology, adult psychopathology, statistics.

Research interests: cognitive processes in anxiety and depression; emotion regulation; risk factors for anxiety and depression; comorbidity.

Associated Faculty

Erika K. Coles

Ph.D. (University at Buffalo, State University of New York, 2006). Assistant Professor.

Teaching Interests: Behavior modification, developmental psychopathology

Research Interests: Behavioral and combined treatment for ADHD; parent training, treatment effectiveness of school- and home-based interventions for ADHD.

Nicholas A. Giudice

Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, 2004), Assistant Professor.

Teaching interests: Human-computer Interaction, virtual reality technology as a research tool, Experimental design and methodology, human spatial cognition.

Research interests: multimodal spatial cognition, functional equivalence of spatial representations, information requirements for multimodal interface design, navigation of real and virtual environments, wayfinding without vision, aging and navigation, experimental spatial informatics, neuro-cognitive engineering.

Jeffrey E. Hecker

Ph.D. (University of Maine, 1986), Professor of Psychology and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost.

Teaching interests: clinical psychology, psychotherapy research.

Research interests: anxiety disorders, cognitive behavior therapy, juvenile sex offending.

Craig Mason

Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education & Applied Quantitative Methods.

Teaching Interests: statistics and methodology.

Research Interests: developmental epidemiology, biobehavioral informatics.

April O’Grady

Ph.D. (University of Maine, 2002), Director of Psychological Services.

Clinical Interests: cognitive-behavioral treatment of anxiety, mood and obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders, and forensic assessment.

Raymond C. Russ

Ph.D. (University of Maine, 1977), Research Associate. Editor, Journal of Mind and Behavior.

Shihfen Tu

Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Education & Applied Quantitative Methods, Co-Coordinator of Research and Evaluation at the Center for Community Inclusion.

Teaching Interests: statistics, cognition.

Research Interests: cognition.

Linda Yelland

Ph. D. (University of Maine, 1993).

Teaching interests: history and systems of psychology, social psychology, learning, principles of psychological research, and general psychology.

Research interests: belief systems and stereotype change.

Emeritus Faculty

Rebecca E.Eilers

Ph.D. (University of Washington, Seattle, 1972) Presidential Professor.

Teaching interests: child development, infancy, parenting and cognitive and language development.

Research interests: language development, bilingualism, precursors to speech in infancy, and parenting.

G. William Farthing

(University of Missouri, 1969), Professor.

Teaching interests: Evolutionary psychology, motivation, cognition, general psychology.

Research interests: risk-taking behavior; decision processes; evolutionary approaches to thinking and behavior.

Roger B. Frey

Ph.D. (University of Maine, 1966).

Research interests: animal psychophysics, biorhythms.

Joel A. Gold

Ph.D. (Colorado State University, 1966).

Research interests: attraction (love, equity), social memory, attitude change.

Gordon E. Kulberg

Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University, 1965).

Research interests: abnormal psychology, psychology and law.

Richard M. Ryckman

Ph.D. (State University of New York at Buffalo, 1968).

Research interests: competitive attitudes and physical and mental health, physical self-efficacy, body image and stereotyping, health psychology, sport psychology.

Laurence D. Smith

Ph.D. (University of New Hampshire, 1982)

Research interests: history of psychology, philosophy of science, uses of graphs and other inscriptions in science.

Geoffrey L. Thorpe

Ph.D. (Rutgers University, 1973), ABPP; Professor Emeritus.

Teaching interests: guest lectures on ethics and professional problems, forensic clinical psychology, and modern test theory methodology.

Research interests: development of surveys related to (1) cognitive therapy and (2) forensic clinical psychology.

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