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About Us - Energy & Utilities

Projects & Initiatives

  • Collaborative Energy Procurement
    The UMS Office of Strategic Procurement, worked with several campuses and locked fuel oil prices as a hedge against price volatility. Savings in excess of $230,000 were realized relative to the average spot market price that would have been paid for the associated quantities of fuel oil in the FY2012 heating season.
  • UM Central Steam Plant: Boiler Replacement Project
    A new 60,000 lb/hr boiler and flue gas economizer replaced the two oldest and least efficient boilers in the Central Steam Plant.  Boiler 8 has dual fuel capability, is fired on natural gas with provision for renewable landfill gas.

    • Expected annual heating fuels reduction of approximately 30,000 mmbtu (million BTU), which is  equivalent to 216,000 gallons of #2 fuel oil per year, or the total energy consumption of approximately 230 New England households per year.
    • Expected annual greenhouse gas emissions reduction of approximately 6,000 Metric Tons CO2e, the equivalent of taking in excess of 1100 passenger vehicles off the road.
  • President’s Climate Committment efforts to reduce UMaine’s carbon foot print 


 Year Fuel Type Metric Tons
2005 #6 Oil 39,781
2009 #6 Oil and Natural Gas 30,006
2012 100% Natural Gas Conversion 25,000
2015+ Landfill Gas potential 5,000
2040 Presidents’ Climate Commitment 0
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