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Liberal Arts Student Fellowships Announced

UMaine College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean Jeffrey Hecker has announced the names of recipients of the college’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Fellowships for 2012–13. The fellowships were developed to enhance and increase undergraduate student involvement in faculty supervised research and creative activity. Each fellowship provides a $1,400 award for the student and up to $1,100 in additional funding, if needed, to cover costs associated with the project. This year’s fellowships were supported with funds from the Intensive English Institute. Fellowship recipients are:

Meagan Bossie (psychology), The Enhancing and Impairing Effects of Stress on Cognition; Shawn Ell, adviser

Christopher Bryant (new media), 3rD Person Perception; Mike Scott, adviser

Hawk Cambron (psychology), Protecting Against Chemo Fog; Thane Fremouw, adviser

Joseph Dumont (chemistry), Extraction and Isolation of Shikimic Acid from Maine Conifers; Barbara Cole, adviser

Marcus Dunham (psychology), Are Teacher Judgments Consistent with Behavioral Data from Preschool’s Free Play Data?; Peter LaFreniere, adviser

Mary Hunt (sociology), Alcohol Abuse and Young Women; Steve Barkan, adviser

Shannon Jacobson (sociology), Roller Derby: Challenging Gender or Reinforcing Norms?; Amy Blackstone, adviser

Stuart Lathrop, (mathematics), Contributions to the Foundation of the Theory of Transcendental Numbers; Andrew Knightly, adviser

Annie Ledoux, (psychology), Correlates between Perceived Romantic Partner Communication and Social Adjustment of College Students; Doug Nangle, adviser

Paige Martin, (psychology), The Effect of Cataract Surgery on Depression and Vision-Related Quality of Life in an Elderly Population; Lira Yoon, adviser

Rex McKeon, (political sciences), Reset of U.S. Russian Relations: Prospects Based on a Study of all U.S. Presidential State of the Union Addresses References; James Warhola, adviser

Andrew Robbins, (new media), Boulder Beacon; Jon Ippolito, adviser

Duane Shimmel, (new media), 10 Years of MLTI: What Have We Learned?; Owen Smith, adviser

Valerie Smith, (chemistry), Detection of Aqueous Mg(II) Using IR Spectroscopy; Carl Tripp, adviser

Andrew Tomer, (psychology), Media, Education, and Intergroup Interaction Impact on Attitudes and Beliefs toward Native Americans; Jordan LaBouff, adviser

Elizabeth Tull, (psychology), Income Inequality and Health: the Relationship between Relative Inequality, Income, Weight, and Eating Behavior; Shannon McCoy, adviser

Christopher Young, (Psychology), Relation between Behavioral Inhibition and Stress Cortisol Response; Lira Yoon, adviser

Contact: George Manlove, (207) 581-3756

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