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UMaine Political Experts Available to Discuss Election

Political Signs

As the presidential election season heats up, the University of Maine has several experts available to discuss the campaigns and candidates, as well as their most recent election- and political-related research.

Mark Brewer, an associate professor of political science, follows American politics, political parties, elections, interest groups and religion and politics. His recent research includes an examination of the evolving definition of the word
liberalism, which had a very different connotation 100 years ago than it does today. Brewer can be reached at (207) 581-1863 or

Amy Fried, a professor of political science, is interested in American politics, public opinion, participation, voting rules, and women and politics. She is a national expert in public opinion and her blog, Pollways, can be read at

She recently released a book, “Tea Party Talk – The Governors,” which compiles quotations and comments from Tea Party governors across the country and discusses their links to the Tea Party movement.  Fried can be reached at (207) 581-1797 or

Jordan LaBouff, a Department of Psychology faculty member, authored a study that found participants interviewed outside a religious structure in two western European cities were more ideologically conservative, more strongly supported specific conservative policies, and were more negative towards out-groups like Muslims, foreigners, or homosexual persons than did those who were interviewed outside a nonreligious structure such as a government building. LaBouff collaborated on the research while he was a doctoral candidate at Baylor University in Texas. LaBouff can be reached at (207) 581-2826 or

Richard Powell, an associate professor of political science, has research interests that include the U.S. Presidency, Congress, mass media, elections, state politics and constitutional law. He has also authored book chapters on presidential
communications, and is prepared to discuss the presidential debates, which begin Oct. 3. Powell can be reached at (207) 581-1795 or

Contact: Jessica Bloch, (207) 581-3777 or

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