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Transforming society’s capacity for sustainability science requires unprecedented program integration and interdisciplinarity. Our approach focuses on research of the coupled dynamics of social-ecological systems (SES) and the translation of knowledge into informed decision-making. We are using Maine as an R&D “laboratory” to link knowledge to action.

Research teams include experts in the social, economic, and ecological dimensions of sustainability challenges as well as researchers skilled in linking knowledge to action.

Postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students play an integral role in research conducted by these interdisciplinary teams. It is a unique opportunity for students to work in an integrative, cross-disciplinary environment.

Sustainability Science

Sustainability science is an emerging field focused on overcoming sustainability challenges. The field acknowledges the importance of maintaining resilient ecological, economic, and social systems and strives to improve modeling and conceptualization of these systems and their interactions. In recognition of the magnitude of these challenges, the field urges researchers to innovate, encouraging modifications of scientific methods, scientific training, research settings, monitoring of systems, and communication of scientific results.


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