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Educate/Engage - Tools & Resources

Maine Futures Community Mapper

The Maine Futures Community Mapper (MFCM) is an online tool that allows town planners, conservationists, developers, and the general public to visualize what the landscape in their area may look like under various future scenarios. The MFCM was created by the Sustainability Solutions Initiative’s (SSI) Alternative Futures Team as part of the Mapping a Sustainable Future Project.

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Maine Invasive Species Mobile App

Created by University of Maine at Farmington computer science major Christopher Bond , this mobile app helps users identify 11 of the most frequently encountered invasive aquatic plant species in Maine waters.  Once identified, users can forward GPS coordinates and a photo of the invasive to the Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program.  This app was developed as part of the SSI project Charting the Rangeley Region’s Social & Ecological Systems.

Read more about the development of the Maine Invasive Species Mobile App…

Maine Municipal Guide to Mapping and Conserving Vernal Pool (pdf)

Best practices from the Maine Vernal Pools Mapping Project are available to all towns through the Maine Municipal Guide to Mapping and Conserving Vernal Pool Resources, co-written by SSI research associate Dawn Morgan and Aram Calhoun. This comprehensive guide covers everything from vernal pool ecology to training citizen scientists how to identify and assess vernal pools.  This guide was developed as part of a group of projects under SSI’s Protecting Natural Resources at the Community Scale project.

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