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At a Glance - Accomplishments

  1. Publishing > 240 research papers.0711031521
  2. Receiving > $23 million in additional external grants.
  3. Active participation by >100 faculty from > 20 academic disciplines.
  4. Establishing innovative partnerships with more than 390 stakeholder organizations representing all levels of government, tribal communities, business and industry, and local as well as global NGOs.
  5. Playing key roles in solutions-development processes, including:
    • Development of novel renewable energy technologies
    • Passage of innovative legislation to:
      • reduce the spread of invasive forest pests,
      • balance the economic development and wetland protection in municipal planning processes,
      • strengthen suport for Maine’s tradition of public recreational use of private land.
    • Production of decision-support tools that facilitate the incorporation of climate adaptation strategies into stormwater management.
  6. Training a more nimble generation of sustainability researchers, practitioners and leaders, including 7 postdoctoral researchers, > 50 graduate students, > 200 undergraduates, and > 80 high school students.
  7. Creating one of the nation’s largest solutions-focused sustainability science research networks, including 11 institutions of higher education, each of which is conducting place-based projects in collaboration with local partners.
  8. Hosting the annual Mitchell Lecture on Sustainability, which has featured some of the world’s leading sustainability researchers, including Elinor Ostrom, Pamela Matson, and Jane Lubchenco.
  9. Providing the inspiration for MPBN’s “Sustainable Maine” series, which has highlighted nine different research projects and been nominated for five Emmy awards.

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