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Policies & Regulations - Student Travel Policy

I. Statement of Philosophy

The University of Maine is the principal research and graduate institution of the State of Maine.  It offers a comprehensive program of undergraduate study that is enriched by the resources of its university setting.  The University recognizes that in order to engage in a full collegiate experience, students can and do benefit from opportunities that exist beyond the campus.  The institution believes that conferences, matches, games, institutes, competitions and certain social and cultural activities add to the student experience at The University of Maine and to their engagement in the richness of the culture of the State of Maine.  It is in support of these beliefs that this policy was conceived.

II. Policy for Student Use of University of Maine Vehicles

The University of Maine regulates the use of vehicles owned or leased by the University of Maine System.  Some regulations within this policy have been taken from the University of Maine Administrative Practice Letter (APL) Number 27, which outlines use standards for all campuses of the University of Maine System.  The Office of Facilities Management maintains The University of Maine’s vehicle fleet and administers its fleet policy.  The full policy is available from the Motor Pool Office in the Service Building on Rangeley Road.  Students utilizing University vehicles must abide by operating guidelines and regulations set forth in the Motor Pool Vehicle-Use Policy and Regulations for University Motor Pool Vehicles policy.

III.  General Regulations for Student Use of University Vehicles

Students, student groups, student clubs, sports clubs, and other recognized student organizations are eligible to utilize University vehicles for University related and sponsored business.  Only drivers approved by the Motor Pool are eligible to operate University of Maine vehicles.  In addition to the regulations outlined in the Motor Pool policy, the following standards must be followed:

  • All students traveling in University vehicles must recognize they are representing the University and conduct themselves in a way that reflects positively on The University of Maine and are subject to The University of Maine Student Code of Conduct which applies to both on- and off-campus activities.
  • When operating a vehicle students must be properly licensed to drive.  In the case of students from countries other than the United States or Canada, proof of a valid international driver’s license must be provided.  Student drivers must have a valid driver’s license in their possession.  Only those drivers approved for driving the vehicle by the Motor Pool are allowed to operate the vehicle.
  • Any student whose license has expired, been revoked, or is under suspension is not eligible to operate a University vehicle.  Violation of this regulation will subject the student to disciplinary action.
  • Any student with an unacceptable driving record will not be eligible to operate a University of Maine vehicle.  All drivers of University vehicles are subject to University and/or insurance company verification of their driving record.  The University reserves the right to deny the use of a University vehicle to any individual based upon their driving record.
  • No one under 18 years of age is permitted to drive a University vehicle.
  • Students must be alcohol and drug free.  This includes illegal prescription drugs and prescription drugs, and non-prescription drugs that are known to cause drowsiness, or known to impair driving.  Violation of state Operating Under the Influence laws (OUI) while operating a university vehicle will also subject the driver to disciplinary action.
  • Tobacco use is prohibited in University of Maine vehicles.
  • Only those listed on the travel roster for a particular trip/event/activity may travel in University vehicle(s) for that trip.  Unauthorized passengers, such as hitchhikers, family, or friends are not permitted.
  • It is a violation of Motor Pool policy to use a University of Maine vehicle for anything other than its intended purpose.  Unauthorized “off road” use is prohibited, as is personal use of vehicles for such things including but not limited to trips to town, movies, home, supermarkets, or stores.
  • Vehicle occupancy is limited to the number of seatbelt sets.  State law requires that all occupants wear their seatbelts.
  • Drivers must obey all traffic and parking regulations including observing posted speed limits.  Drivers are personally responsible for fines resulting from their actions.  No University funds of any kind may be used to pay such fines.
  • Drivers must not operate a vehicle when driving conditions are hazardous (ice, snow, heavy rain, fog) or when the vehicle engine, brakes, lights, tires, or steering are not operating properly.
  • Drivers must check the vehicle before driving to make sure that the lights, brakes, horn, and steering are operating properly.  Check to make sure tires appear to be properly inflated.  The driver should also check to make sure that there is in the vehicle a University Accident Report form and an insurance card summarizing the University’s liability insurance.  Report any problems or absence of report form or insurance information to Motor Pool.
  • The focus needs to be on driving; therefore, drivers should use extra caution when adjusting vehicle controls.  The driver should not eat, drink, smoke, or use a cell phone, pager, or CB while driving the vehicle.
  • No student driver may operate a vehicle for more than four consecutive hours without a rest break.  Breaks should be for at least fifteen minutes.  When possible, drivers should be rotated/changed after four hours of driving.
  • Drivers must lock unattended vehicles.  Keys must not be left in or about unattended vehicles.  The University is not responsible for the personal possessions of the driver or occupants of a University vehicle.  Theft of a University vehicle or theft of personal property resulting from an unlocked vehicle or keys being left in the vehicle may be deemed the negligence of the driver and be subject to disciplinary action and/or financial restitution.

IV.  Use of University of Maine Vans

  • Drivers under the age of 21 are not permitted to drive vehicles that are transporting seven or more passengers (including the driver) unless the driver has at least two years of driving experience without a moving violation.
  • University vans may carry no more than nine passengers (including the driver.)  In vans with less than nine seatbelts, the maximum number of riders will match the number of belt sets.
  • Drivers must demonstrate the ability to handle vans, either through a test drive or by acceptable evidence of prior experience in operating this type of vehicle.  This demonstration will occur through a Motor Pool testing procedure.

V. Use of Personal Vehicles for group travel

  • Personally owned vehicles used for University-related business should be properly registered, inspected, and appropriate for such use, as determined by the owner/driver of the vehicle who is responsible for the vehicle and its use.
  • The University provides no physical damage coverage (collision or comprehensive) or liability coverage for non-University vehicles.  If a student uses his or her own personal vehicle for University-related business, that person’s own vehicle insurance will be responsible for any insurance claims.

VI. Rented vehicles from businesses other than UMaine Motor Pool

  • Students have the option of renting vehicles from private rental businesses.
  • Any student using a non-University of Maine vehicle while on University business shall abide by the policies and standards for student travel.
  • Vehicles approved for rental for University business should be rented in the name of the University of Maine.  Vehicles rented in the name of an individual student are the sole responsibility of that student renting the vehicle.

VII.  In the event of an accident while traveling on University of Maine business

A. Policy

  • Under Maine law all accidents involving personal injury or death to a person or apparent property damage of $1,000 or more must be reported to the State or local police department or sheriff’s office and within 48 hours to the Secretary of State on forms provided by the Secretary of State or the above departments.
  • Any accident involving University owned or leased vehicles must be reported to the appropriate campus office as soon as possible and in all cases within 72 hours of the time of the accident.  The driver is responsible for reporting the accident.  The reporting requirement includes the Motor Pool, the student group/club advisor, the Director for Student Organization & Leader Development, and the dean, director, head of the department, or faculty member signing the travel request form.
  • Any student with an “at fault” accident may not drive a University vehicle until completion of a Maine State certified Driving Dynamics course.  Proof of successful course completion will be required.
  • The sponsoring student club, organization or department is responsible for covering the University’s deductible, currently $250, for any physical damage to a vehicle beyond normal wear and tear.  Financial responsibility and disciplinary action may result from damages to a vehicle caused intentionally or by misuse of the vehicle.
  • Student disciplinary procedures as appropriate may arise as a result of violations of this policy.

B. Procedure in the event of an accident

  • Stop immediately.  Do not move anyone injured unless their life is in danger and it is absolutely necessary.  If there is an immediate hazard within your power to correct it, correct it.  If it is not within your power to correct, report it to someone who can – immediately.
  • Take all reasonable steps to protect University property from further damage after an accident.
  • Do what is necessary to prevent further damage or accident at the scene.
  • Each University vehicle contains within it a Driver’s Accident Report form and an insurance card summarizing the University’s liability insurance.
  • Call 911, notify Dispatcher if an ambulance or doctor is needed.  Ask for police so that an accident report may be filed.  Provide the facts requested regarding the accident.
  • When dealing with the responding law enforcement officials, get name, phone number, and address of each witness; state facts (not feelings) such as your name, address, school, club you are representing, your advisor, and upon request show your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and insurance card; don’t argue, be courteous; make sure you get the following information from others at the scene.
  • Registration information for other vehicle(s) including owner’s name, license plate number, expiration date, and state, and vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • Information on the other driver(s) including name, address, phone number, and operator’s license number and expiration date including the issuing state.
  • Name, address, and phone number of the company insuring the other vehicle(s).
  • Name, address, and phone number of each person involved and extent of injury, if any.
  • General information such as location (i.e., city, state, street name, intersection, etc.), time, road conditions, weather, property damage and estimated damage to other vehicles.
  • A review will be conducted by the University after every accident.  Findings of the review may affect a student’s or student organization’s ability for future travel.

C. Procedure in the event of a breakdown requiring major repairs

  • Contact the Motor Pool Garage Supervisor at 581-2645 during regular business hours.
  • After hours call Public Safety at 581-4040.

VIII. Pre-Travel Procedures for Student Travel

  • Each student group/club or class must complete and submit a Student Travel Information & Roster Form.  Advisors or faculty members must sign this form.
  • An application for use of a vehicle will be submitted on a “Request for Motor Vehicle Form”.  The form must be completed and submitted seven days in advance of proposed travel to the Motor Pool Office.  These forms may be obtained at the Center for Students and Community Life, the office for Student Organization and Leader Development, and at the University Motor Pool.  Approval of vehicles without the seven day advanced notice will be at the sole discretion of the Motor Pool.
  • Drivers must furnish a driver’s license information card along with a photocopy (both sides) of current driver’s license for approval by the Motor Pool at least seven days in advance of proposed travel.
  • For each excursion by the club, group or student class, the advisors/faculty member must discuss with the students each of the points contained in the Checklist for Student Travel.
  • Copies of the completed Student Travel Information & Roster Form must be filed with the Office for Student Organization & Leader Development. A copy should also remain with the faculty member/group advisor.
  • In general, vehicles must be obtained at the garage during normal working hours (7:00am – 3:00pm Monday through Friday.)  If weekend travel is scheduled, make special arrangements with Motor Pool several days prior to leaving.
  • Upon return to campus, student groups must follow Motor Pool requests as explained in the Motor Pool Vehicle-Use Policy and Regulations for University Motor Pool Vehicles as it relates to vehicle care.
  • Students must inform the group advisor or faculty member of their return to campus. Voice-mail messages and emails messages are sufficient, but should be agreed to with advisor or faculty member prior to travel.

Last Revised/Approved: March 2003

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