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Policies & Regulations - Statement on Usage of University of Maine Buildings

The University of Maine is deeply committed to freedom of expression and to equal opportunities and access. Because we serve all peoples, it is incumbent upon us to protect and respect the following:

  • The rights of a speaker and/or sponsor which has reserved space for a function/event.
  • The physical safety and rights of those individuals who attend an event/function.
  • The property of the University of Maine.

With these responsibilities placed upon us, protests/demonstrations are, for the most part, limited to the exterior of campus buildings. These activities must not impede entrance or egress to University facilities and must not pose a safety problem in the event of fire or other emergency. Additionally, they should not be conducted in a manner which is intimidating or threatening to a diverse audience, or interfere with the conduct of normal University business.

Organizers wishing to demonstrate must make timely notification (usually three (3) working days) of a protest/demonstration to the University of Maine Public Safety Office. Some protests/demonstrations may be allowed in the common areas of the Memorial Union with the prior approval of the Director of Campus Activities and Events of the Memorial Union.

Individuals and/or organizations interested in using University buildings are encouraged to contact the Director of Campus Activities or the appropriate Building Manager. (May 2007)

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