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Policies & Regulations - Banner – Flag Policy


To provide student groups and departments the opportunity to display banners and flags representative of their organizations on the University of Maine campus. The University permits this activity on the UMaine Mall on a University installed pole specifically for such display. Banners and flags may not be draped or hung from surrounding buildings except where appropriate infrastructure has been installed to support this (ex. west entrance Memorial Union, west entrance Fieldhouse, etc.). Fogler Library and other campus facilities with flag poles may not be used for this purpose.

Outdoor Banner Policy

The hanging and draping of banners or flags is permitted under the following conditions:

  • Only University departments and officially recognized University organizations are permitted to hang or drape banners.
  • Organizations planning to hang or drape banners or flags must contact the Office of Campus Activities and Student Engagement (CASE) prior to doing so. CASE staff will review the request to determine whether the proposed banner or flag complies with University policies, particularly the Student Handbook and the Student Conduct Code, and any other related University of Maine policies, rules or regulations. In order to ensure fair and equal opportunity for all groups, the requests must be submitted no less than two weeks before the day the banner or flag is to be hung. Exceptions to the application deadline may be made if there is no previous use scheduled and all other terms of this policy can be complied with in the time permitted. Organizations may reserve banner or flag space for a maximum of one week per month.
  • The UMaine Mall is used for many activities such as eating outdoors, conversation, studying and recreation, and significant pedestrian traffic may also be present. Therefore in order to provide for the health and safety of those using the UMaine Mall and other campus spaces, the hanging of banners and flags must meet the following:
    1. They may be hung only from the pole dedicated to such purpose, using the existing clips and hardware.
    2. They may be no larger than 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall. There can be no exceptions to this size limitation.
    3. They should be constructed of heavy cloth, heavy vinyl or heavy plastic and properly sewn. Wind vents should be cut into the banner or flag to prevent the wind from damaging the banner, flag, or pole.
  1. They must have grommets in order to properly attach them using the clips provided on the pole.
  2. They must be hung with the long side running parallel to the ground, or they will be removed. Banners and flags should not touch the ground. Any banner or flag that is too large or is sagging will be removed.
  3. Banners and flags must be hung on the pre-installed banner pole on the south end of the Mall or other pre-approved (by CASE and Facilities Management) campus location (ex. west entrance to the Memorial Union and/or the Fieldhouse, etc.).
  4. No banners or flags can be placed on building roofs, over a campus road or roadway, or placed in such a manner as to impede the normal passage of foot, vehicular, bicycle or other traffic.
  • The organization or department requesting the use of the UMaine Mall flagpole is responsible for all costs including the cost of the flag or banner itself, any damage caused by or done to their banner or flag, and any installation and/or removal costs. Any work orders will be initiated by CASE.
  • All banners or flags not removed by the end of business on the last day of the organization’s reservation will be removed by the University. Such organizations or departments may also then lose banner and flag privileges for one semester.
  • Advertising for commercial vendors unconnected to the University, or a University or student organization shall not be permitted.

Organizations or departments are responsible for knowing and adhering to all banner or flag requirements; and University of Maine policies, rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the ability to hang banners or flags on campus for a period of time.


Use exterior house paint so that rain or snow will not wash the text away.

Use light colored banner materials for your banners so that the text may be easily seen.

Created: March 2009
Last updated: August 2012 

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