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Policies & Regulations - AIDS/HIV Policy

The University of Maine is a unique educational community where a large number of students and employees interact in a relatively small, shared environment. The work and mission of this community centers around its role as an educational institution where all individuals will be treated equally and where discrimination will not be tolerated.

Furthermore, the University believes that the most viable and appropriate method of preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS is through a comprehensive, integrated, and ongoing process of education designed to enhance life skills such as communication, assertion, problem solving, and safer sex practices while increasing community awareness of the disease process.

The University believes that the community response to individuals with HIV/ AIDS must be a caring and compassionate one. In addition, the University advocates individual dignity and freedom of choice, and believes that all individual rights must be protected. Consequently, community members who have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or any evidence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV infection) will not be discriminated against in any way, and their personal right of privacy will be respected.

Students and employees with AIDS or evidence of HIV infection shall be afforded the same unrestricted classroom attendance, working conditions, use of University facilities, and participation in University activities as any other member of our community.

For confidential assistance, information, or educational materials, call 207-581-4010.

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