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Academics - Examinations

During each semester two to four preliminary examinations may be administered. These “prelims” count heavily on the final grade. At the end of each semester final examinations are held in most courses. The final examination should count no more than one-third of the course grade, although exceptions may be made by the instructor on consultation with the chairperson of the department in which the course is offered.

Final examinations are held according to a published schedule and cannot be taken before the scheduled time. Students who are scheduled for more than three final examinations in one day may have an examination rescheduled through the Office of Student Records. Instructors are requested to announce to their respective classes at or near the last recitation period the time and place of each final examination.

A student who misses the regular examination at the end of a semester for a legitimate reason should make arrangements with the instructor to make up the examination. No examinations of any kind may be scheduled during the last week of classes, except by permission of the appropriate Associate Dean or Director. A final examination may be scheduled only during final exam week. If a final is not planned, and the instructor wishes to schedule a prelim covering the last weeks of the course, this prelim must be given during final exam week. These rules do not apply to CED courses.

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