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Academics - Academic Achievements

The University recognizes outstanding academic achievement in several ways.  These achievements are based on calculable credits. Courses taken pass/fail are not calculable credit courses.

Academic achievements are generated 35 calendar days after the last day of the final exam period. A student with any Incomplete or Missing Grade for the semester at the point when the Academic achievements are generated is not eligible. Eligibility will not be recalculated after that date.

Academic achievements are recorded on the official transcript and are generated at the end of the fall and spring terms only.

Full-time Dean’s List

To be eligible for the Full-time Dean’s List a student must have completed 12 or more calculable credits in the semester and have earned a 3.50 semester GPA.

Part-time Dean’s List

Students who have part-time status during both the fall and spring semesters of a given academic year are eligible for Part-time Dean’s List. They must have completed 12 or more calculable credits over both terms and have earned a combined GPA in those terms of 3.50.

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