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Student Handbook

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Academics - Awarding of Degrees

Degree Requirements for Graduation

Candidates for baccalaureate degrees must meet all of the following requirements.

Double Degrees

Students may earn a second baccalaureate degree by completing at least 30 credits beyond the number required for the primary degree, and by completing all requirements of the second degree and, if the second degree is in a different college from the first, by completing all requirements of the second college.

Students intending to complete more than one degree are required to declare their intent to the dean of their college (or to the deans of both colleges, if the degree programs are in different colleges) in writing no later than first semester of the senior year. At that time the student must declare a primary degree. The student will receive two diplomas.

Students may also complete a second degree subsequent to graduation. Students selecting this option must be readmitted by the college where the new major resides, complete at least 30 credits beyond the minimum required for the first degree, and complete all college and major requirements for the second degree. If readmitted within two years of graduation, students may apply towards the 30-credit minimum any credits previously earned in excess of the minimum number required for the first degree. Students enrolling for a second degree two or more years after completing the first one must complete at least 30 additional credits, regardless of the number of credits earned previously.

Grade Point Average is based on a student’s entire undergraduate career.  A student’s GPA will continue when re-admitted to a second degree program.

Double Majors

Double majors are possible within a single baccalaureate degree. Both majors may be within the same college, or they may be in different colleges. Students may complete two different majors simultaneously with no prescribed increase in total credits beyond those required to satisfy both majors.

Students intending to complete the requirements of more than one major are required to declare their intent in writing to the dean of their college (or to the deans of both colleges, if the majors are in different colleges) no later than the first semester of the senior year. At this time the student must declare a primary major. The baccalaureate degree granted will be that associated with the primary major, and the student is required to satisfy all of the requirements imposed by that college. To complete the second major, the student need only complete the specific requirements established for that major. The primary and secondary majors will be noted both on the diploma and on the transcript, worded according to the following example: Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a second major in Art, or Bachelor of Art in Studio Art, with a second major in Biology (depending upon which is designated the primary major).

Students may also complete a second major subsequent to graduation. Students selecting this option must be readmitted to the college where the new major resides, and are required to satisfy only the specific requirements for the chosen second major that are in force at the time of readmission.

Students completing a second major via this mechanism will not receive a second, revised diploma, but the phrase “with a second major in X” will be added to the transcript to recognize the accomplishment.

Celebration of Academia

The conferral of baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral degrees upon students is an important event in the life of the institution, one rich in tradition dating to medieval times. It is a celebration of student achievement in which the faculty, the family and friends of the students, and the graduates themselves together mark the end of a formal program of education and the commencement of a new stage in life. All faculty members and graduating students are encouraged to participate in the formal May ceremony each year.

Latin Honors

Degrees with Latin honors are conferred at commencement for the following attainments of rank:

The University bases the GPA only on the student’s work at the University of Maine, and that must amount to at least 60 credits or 50 percent of the total degree credits required in the student’s program of study, whichever is greater.


Degrees designated with Honors, with High Honors, or with Highest Honors are awarded only to graduates successfully completing requirements in the University of Maine’s Honors College.


At each May Commencement two of the highest-ranking baccalaureate degree candidates who either have applied by the deadline for graduation or who have graduated the previous fall or summer are designated class Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Only students who have completed at least 75 credits of UMaine coursework exclusive of pass/fail or incomplete grades are eligible for these honors.  All credits counting toward the baccalaureate degree must have been completed within six years immediately preceding graduation.

Application for Graduation

Graduation is not automatic upon completion of all program requirements. Candidates for degrees must submit an Application for Graduation to the Office of Student Records according to the following schedule:

General Information and details of the application process are available at

Note: Students completing degree requirements during May Term are considered as August degree candidates.

Graduation Timeline

Each college performs final certification of degree completion within 60 days after the end of the term.

Students who apply for graduation but do not meet the minimum requirements will be notified by the college or the Graduate School.

Posthumous Degree



Awarding of Posthumous Degree:

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