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There are many ways to become active in Umaine’s green community.  The major groups to look at are listed below.

  • The Green Team
    • Umaine’s official Green Team is the only student organization with the direct objective of creating efficiency and sustainability on the campus and in the community.  We work to achieve these goals by creating activities, participating in activities, and working on increasing awareness about sustaibility issues.
    • Click here to find out more about the Green Team.
  • Green Campus Initiative
    • GCI’s Mission Statement: To develop a broad based, student-led effort toward environmental awareness and stewardship by promoting sustainable relationships between the ecological, economic and social systems on campus and in the local community.
    • You can find out more about GCI at
  • Sustainable Agriculture Enthusiasts (SAgE) Sustainable Agriculture Enthusiasts Group – SAgE
    • SAgE is committed to providing students interested in sustainable agriculture experiences that may not be available through traditional classroom practices.  They have a strong ethic to support and promote sustainable agriculture in the college community.  They accomplish this by visiting farms, talking with farmers, attending conferences and workshops, and initiating agriculture-related projects in the UMaine community.
    • In 08-09 SAgE: Visited two farms, held lunch-and-learn sessions with mofga officials, held an Organic Seedling Sale for our spring fundraiser.
    • In 09-10 so far: SAgE has visited a farm, attended film screenings as a group, are bringing a film to UMaine, planning a series of plant propogation workshops for students, and participating in campus-wide events.
    • For more information contact Sadie Jenkins or Marianne Sarrantonio on First Class
  • Research Group for Industrial Ecology, LCA and Systems Sustainability (School of Forest Resources)

You don't have to wear an alarmingly expensive suit to be a lobbyist. Every LETTER YOU WRITE and EVERY PETITION YOU SIGN is an act of lobbying. -Adria Vasil
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