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Analog Modeling Laboratory
Teaching and research lab for modeling physical phenomena such as flowing glaciers and subducting lithosphere using analog materials such as sand, bouncing putty, corn syrup and gelatin.
Departmental Computer Cluster
Computer workstation, printer and scanning cluster with productivity, graphical, GIS, and earth science software for student and instructional applications
Electron Microprobe Laboratory
Chemical analyses, elemental mapping, and scanning electron imaging of geological and man-made materials.
Electron Microscopy Laboratory
Environmental scanning electon microscope with energy-dispersive elemental analysis, cathodoluminescence imaging, and electron backscatter diffraction capabilities
Hydrogeology Laboratory
Includes basic field equipment from pumps to field spectrophotometer; borehole geophysics winch and downhole tools; data logging pressure transducers; and linux workstation for data analysis.
Geology Core Archives (Darling Marine Center)
Core sectioning and subsampling, bulk X-radiography, field staging and storage, core archives (ambient temperature)
Glacial Geology and Geochronology LaboratoryContact:
Dr. Brenda Hall
Glacial Geology and Geochronology Laboratory
Core analysis, mineral separation, radiocarbon sample preparation, diatom analysis
Isotope Geochemistry LaboratoryContact:
Dr. Brenda Hall
Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory
Clean room for geochemistry, including cosmogenic and U/Th sample preparation
Marine Geophysics Facilites
Computer workstations and printer for analysis of seismic reflection and sidescan sonar data; archive of analogue and digitial seismic and sidescan data; maintenace and repair of marine geophysical equipment
Marine Sediments Laboratory
Core sectioning and subsampling; photography; sediment analyses (settling tube, sieves, X-ray Sedigraph, pipetting); binocular microscopy; centrifuging, weighing, drying, loss on ignition, carbonates
Microdynamics Laboratory
Numerical and computational investigation of the microstructural controls on seismic anisotropy, grain-scale deformation processes, rheological evolutionand coupling of deformation and reaction
Microstructural Analysis Laboratory
Optical petrographic microscopy, photomicroscopy and image analysis for characterizing rocks and minerals and investigating deformational processes in metamorphic and igneous rocks
Mineral Separation Facilities
Gravity-, magnetic-, and chemically-based mineral separation for mineral analysis, age-dating, and sediment provenance research
Mineral Weathering Laboratory
Wet chemistry equipment including pH meters, shaker bath, peristaltic pumps, water filtration, drying oven, visible light spectrophotometer, and equipment for field sampling of soils
Near Surface Geophysics
Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR); Total Station surveying; autolevel; GPS navigation
Numerical LaboratoryContact:
Dr. Peter Koons
Numerical Laboratory
Computational cluster for 3D thermomechanical, dynamic modeling and visualization of silicate earth, atmosphere and glacier interaction
Rock Preparation Laboratory
Rock saws, grinders, crushers, pulverizers, and thin-section cutters for preparation of earth materials for microscopic or chemical analysis
Stable Isotope LaboratoryContact:
Dr. Karl Kreutz
Stable Isotope Laboratory
Stable isotope analysis of earth materials using gas source isotope ratioing mass spectrometers
X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
Powder x-ray diffraction analysis for mineral identification and crystallographic characterization of earth and man-made materials

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