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Center Alumni - Ashley Young

Ashley M. Young
Generalist – Life and Physical Sciences – Graduate May 2013
Advisor: Daniel Capps


  • 2007 B.A. Biology  Wheaton College, MA
  • 2011 M.S. Oceanography University of Maine
  • 2013 MST Master of Science in Teaching  University of Maine

Defense: Ashley Young Defense

Thesis:  “Teachers’ Understandings of Inquiry and Reported Use of Scientific Practices”

Selected Publications:

A.M. Young, L. Karp-Boss, P.A. Jumars, and E.N. Landis. (2012)  Quantifying diatom aspirations: Mechanical properties of chain-forming species. Limnology & Oceanography, 57(6): 1789-1801.

A.M. Young and B.M.H. Larson. (2011)  Clarifying debates in invasion biology: A survey of invasion biologists. Environmental Research, 111(7): 893-898.

 Ashley is now teaching high school biology at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, MA.


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