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PSP Indoor Soccer Team – 2011

November 15th, 2011

PSP Indoor Soccer Team

A few weeks ago, a call was put out to all RiSE Center members (and some of our pilot teachers for PSP)  for interest in an indoor soccer team. Well, enough people were interested that Team RiSE is now a reality!  They played their first game on Monday night (November 14), and not only were they injury free (for the most part), but they won their first game!  Everyone has incredible team spirit, and are just having a blast!

A full schedule will be appearing soon, and will be posted here as well.

Come on out, wear your RiSE Center t-shirts, and support our team!

Team RiSE
Back Row: Jason Baker, Mandy Baker, Laura Millay, Lauree Gott, Rob Blaisdell
Front Row: Erika Allison, Levi Lucy, Michael Wittmann, Dan Laverty







Winter Team

Back Row: Dan Laverty, Michael Wittmann, Lauree Gott, Laura Millay
Front Row: Ranaan Avargil, Mandy Baker, Jason Baker (with Simon), Erika Allison


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