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Program Resources - Smoking/Campus Posting Policy

Campus Posting Policy

University departments and campus student organizations may submit signs or posters to be posted in the residence halls and villages by dropping off materials to the Office of Residence Life, 3rd floor Memorial Union. Non-University sponsored events may not be posted within the residence halls and villages.

Please follow these guidelines for posting materials:

1. All materials must include specific times and dates of the event and phone number of a contact person(s).

2. Only four signs are allowed per residence hall or village for a total of 76 signs or posters. Materials over the 76 limit will be thrown away. Please understand that not all residence halls or villages have space for all four signs.

3. Please allow staff up to 72 hours to post your materials. Local restaurants providing delivery service to campus residence halls and villages may distribute delivery menus to resident students through the Office of Residence Life and Programs. Menus will be placed in lobbies for access to students. NO door-to-door sales, solicitation or posting is allowed, with the following exception: Student Election Candidates – Candidates for Student Senate and ROC may apply for a permit for the candidate and one resident student escort to campaign door-to-door. Persons in the hall without appropriate reason and posting signs may be considered trespassing. Persons who do not follow the above guidelines may jeopardize future access to posting in residence halls and villages.

Smoking Policy


Kathleen Bell, Employee Health Manager, 143 Corbett Hall, 581-2366

By law, all employees have a right to a smoke-free workplace. Smoking is not permitted in the interior of any University vehicle or building, with the exception of residence halls (the Housing Services Office may develop smoking policies for residence halls, in conformance with state and local laws) .

Each building on campus is required to have at least one entrance that must be maintained smoke-free for smoke sensitive individuals; this will normally be the ADA accessible entrance. At that entrance, smoking is not permitted within 20 feet of the door. Smoking is also not permitted within 20 feet of any building ventilation intake shaft, which will be clearly marked. If tobacco smoke from an exterior smoking area intrudes on an interior workspace, smokers will be asked to relocate to another area.

The Department of Facilities Management is responsible for posting and maintaining No Smoking signage at appropriate building entrances, ventilation intake shafts, and inside campus buildings.

Questions about this policy and support services for smoking cessation may be referred to the Employee Health and Benefits Manager at 581-2366. Violations of this policy by members of the University community will be handled through normal disciplinary processes. Individuals with disabilities related to exposure to second hand smoke may also file complaints under the University’s Equal Opportunity complaint procedure.

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