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Program Resources - Questions to Ask Yourself When Organizing an Event

Have You…

  1. Spoken with David Fiacco, Director of Campus Activities & Student Engagement, about your event? David is a great resource for students and organizations new to programming! Contact EJ on First Class or by calling 581-1736.
  2. Set a date and time?
  3. Created a budget for this event?
  4. Filled out an Event Management form? You can get these here!
  5. Submitted your applications for funding to the Program Fund and Student Government in time to successfully plan your event?
  6. Reserved your event spaces? Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 581-1406.
  7. Secured co-sponsors and/or volunteers for the event? Co-sponsoring with a student organization or a department will help spread the work around, and get you the volunteers needed to get the job done.
  8. Developed a plan regarding the number of volunteers needed and what you would like them to do?
  9. Effectively advertised for your event/program? (Make sure your volunteers are aware of building posting policies)
  10. Notified Public Safety if over 50 people are expected for attendance or if live music and/or alcohol will be involved?
  11. Looked over specific policies for your event? There is an outdoor event policy, an Event Management policy, a Car Bashing policy, a bingo/beano policy, and more!
  12. Hired a custodian for clean-up (if necessary)? Contact Facilities Management at 581-4400.
  13. Contacted the Electrical Shop if you need their services? Please call at least two weeks prior to your event.
  14. Rented tables, chairs, staging, lighting, sound, equipment, etc. (if needed)?
  15. Rented equipment from vendors (i.e. inflatables, dunk tank, etc.). Does that company carry liability insurance? (you need to make sure they do, ask for a copy of their certificate). Be sure to work with David Fiacco if you contract with any companies for any of these services.
  16. Had contracts reviewed and signed by the Campus Activities and Student Engagement Office?
  17. Secured lodging, special meals, and transportation for the vendor/performer?
  18. Requested checks for the vendors/performers?
  19. Paid the royalties on the movie you will be using at your event? See the “Showing a Movie on Campus” section of this website for more information.
  20. Ordered/bought decorations for your event?
  21. Written thank-you notes to volunteers?

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