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Foreign Language and Areas Studies (FLAS) Awards

The FLAS Fellowship Program is predicated on the belief that “the well-being of the United States is dependent on the education and training of Americans in international and foreign language studies.”

The Canadian-American Center at the University of Maine is designated by the U.S. Department of Education as a National Resource Center on Canada.  As part of its mission, the Canadian-American Center provides federally-funded Academic Year and Summer Foreign Language and Areas Studies Awards to support the bilingual research (English/French) of graduate students (Academic Year FLAS) and for the intensive study of the French language (Summer FLAS).

Depending on availability of funds, up to 6 Academic Year and 2 Summer FLAS awards are made each year. 

APPLICATION PROCESS – Applicants: Please carefully read the following FACT SHEETS:

ACADEMIC YEAR FLAS: Applications for Academic Year FLAS awards are submitted to the Graduate Coordinator in the student’s department.  Students will fill out the Cover Sheet and submit  along with supporting documents to Department’s  Graduate Coordinator who oversees the nomination process. (due March 14, 2014)

SUMMER FLAS is a federal grant to support graduate students studying French for 6 weeks.  The grant pays for tuition and offers a living allowance stipend. Applications for Summer FLAS awards are submitted to the FLAS Coordinator:

Dr. Frédéric Rondeau, Assistant Professor of French,  Modern Languages and Classics, 5742 Little Hall, Room 201. 

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