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Procedure to apply for Graduate Awards

Procedure for Canadian Studies Awards and Fellowships:

1. Print one of the following:

  • Cover Sheet (required for FLAS, Canadian-American Center Fellowships, New England-Atlantic Provinces-Québec Fellowships, and Alice R. Stewart Graduate Fellowships)
  • Summer FLAS Application (Required ONLY for Summer FLAS)

2. Graduate Student applicants shall provide the following to their Department’s Graduate Coordinator:

-  their information on the Cover Sheet
-  a one page description of their research including how Canadian-American Center funding will benefit them
-  a copy of their transcript (does not have to be an official copy)

3. Graduate Student Applicant’s advisor shall write a letter endorsing the student and his/her work, and shall provide this to the Department’s Graduate Coordinator

4. Department’s Graduate Coordinator shall complete the Cover Sheet for each application, shall coordinate each application packet,  and may include an optional cover letter

NOTE:  Four copies of the application packet for each student, for each award, shall be delivered on or before the due date, to the Canadian-American Center, 154 College Ave, UMaine Campus

For more information about the awards and fellowships and about the application process, contact the Canadian-American Center. (207) 581-4220

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Canadian-American Center Directory

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  • Raymond J. Pelletier: 581-4227
  • Howard Cody:581-1869
  • Betsy Arntzen: 581-4225
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