Scope of work

Any proposal submitted to the UPCC, whether for a new offering or the modification of an existing offering, will be reviewed in its entirety to ensure compliance with all relevant university policies and union contracts. The work of the Undergraduate Program Curriculum Committee (UPCC) encompasses the following:

  • New course proposals
  • Course modifications, such as the addition of Gen Ed
  • Modification of degree programs (i.e. majors), including name changes
  • New and modified minors
  • New and modified concentrations
  • New and modified certificates

The process for creating an undergraduate minor, concentration, or certificate:

  1. Begins at the department or school
  2. Is approved by the college curriculum committee
  3. Is approved by the associate dean or dean
  4. Is reviewed and recommended by the UPCC
  5. Is approved by the Associate Provost for Student Success and Strategic Initiatives and transmitted to Student Records.

The UPCC does not address graduate specializations, concentrations, or programs (Graduate School), or the creation of new degree programs (i.e. majors), which are routed through the Program Creation and Reorganization Review Committee (PCRRC). See the Graduate School site (link here) or the Faculty Senate site (link here) for more information.

Policy for completing revisions and/or supplying additional information

The UPCC process requires timely responsiveness on the part of chairs/directors seeking review and approval of new courses, modifications, and related actions. All revisions must be completed, and/or all additional information must be supplied, within 30 days of the chair/director’s receipt of UPCC feedback. If revisions are not completed and/or additional information is not supplied within that span, the item(s) under review will be returned by the Senior Associate Provost’s office to the college curriculum committee or associate dean for future UPCC resubmission. This policy is effective November 1, 2013.

Retention Policy for UPCC Documents at Academic Affairs:

Academic Affairs will keep electronic copies of all UPCC forms. For more information please contact Jade Hichborn at 581-1591.