Student Organizations

Student Organizations are a vital part of the University of Maine campus. Student Government provides assistance and resources to all recognized organizations, and encourages the active participation and involvement of undergraduate students.

The Vice President of Student Organizations is Bailey Lewis, and she is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact her via email at, or stop by Room 155 in the back of the Wade Center.

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Resources for Student Organizations

How do I update?


How often do I update?

Once annually, and/or after officer changes.

What if I don’t update?

The club will be deactivated and lose affiliation/recognition and resources.

How do I start a new club / reactivate an inactive club?


How do I apply for final recognition?

Is your club affiliated with Student Life, and has it held the status of UMSG preliminary recognition for at least 7 weeks? Congratulations! You can apply for final rec.

What are Affiliation and Recognition?

Affiliated Student Organization: A student organization with at least 5 undergraduate members can be affiliated with the Student Life. This type of organization has access to privileges such as utilizing campus facilities, and Center for Student Involvement services, such as: assistance with advertising, event planning and equipment needs and participation in student organization fairs and programming.

Recognized Student Organization: A student organization with at least 10 undergraduate student members and affiliated status can apply for recognition. A recognized student organization is also affiliated with the University of Maine Student Government, Inc. (UMSG) and has the ability to apply for funding and utilize all UMSG resources.

Can I apply for both Affiliation and Recognition at the same time?


Do I have to submit updates for both?

No. The update form is submitted electronically both to Student Life and UMSG, Inc.

How does the Recognition process work?

The President of the organization will be contacted by the VPSO to schedule a meeting with the Student Organizations Committee (SOC; Wednesdays at 6pm). If the presentation passes SOC, it will be recommended to the Senate and voted on.

Preliminary vs. Final Recognition:

A club will be in a state of preliminary recognition (not eligible for funding) for 7 weeks, after with they may apply for final recognition and be eligible for funding.

Who can be an advisor?

A member of UMaine’s faculty/staff.

Who can be in a club?

Anyone! Community members, staff members, and graduate students can participate. A club must still have the required number of undergraduate students to stay active; the president and treasurer must always be undergraduates.