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General Financial Guidelines

Please refer to the documents below when requesting money for your club. The “How to Request Money” document outlines the process for requesting funds through UMSG. Forms can be found within the “How to Request Money” document in Room 150A Memorial Union. The “Additional Funding Request Cheat Sheet” document should be referenced when filing out your request: there are several rules that UMSG must follow when processing funding requests. Following these guidelines will ensure a smoother process for your funding request. The “Sample Additional Funding Request” is the beginning pages of an additional funding request. Please use this as a guide when filling it out. Questions can be directed to VPFA Paige Allen (, Room 153 Memorial Union) or AVPFA Pam Rideout (

How to Request Money

Additional Funding Request Cheat Sheet

Office Budget Cheat Sheet

Sample Additonal Funding Request

Please Note

These are only “Cheat Sheets” or paraphrases of the actual financial policy. To see the entire financial policy, go to the Financial Affairs Office, Room 150A, Memorial Union. This is only a guideline to help clubs receive money; some of the items are subject to change on a case-by-case basis. Please do not abuse these policies. There are policies in place to punish groups who violate them.

Managing Your Club’s Finances