Executive Budgetary Committee

The Executive Budgetary Committee (EBC) receives and reviews funding requests from Representative Boards, Community Associations, Clubs, Committees, and divisions of Student Government and makes funding requests to the General Student Senate, and sometimes votes on sponsorship of resolutions.  The committee consists of the Vice President for Financial Affairs, the Student Body President, the Student Body Vice President, the Vice President of Student Organizations, and four senators. Additional Funding Requests must be handed into Financial Affairs Office by 12:00pm on Friday to be considered by EBC at 5:00pm on Monday and by Senate at 6:00 on Tuesday.


Student Organizations Committee

The Student Organizations Committee meets weekly to review applications for preliminary and final recognition, organization name changes, and constitution adjustments.  After discussing the applications and presentations the SOC makes a recommendation to the General Student Senate. The committee is comprised of the VPSO (Vice President of Student Organizations), and four senators. Applications should be submitted by 8:00pm on Tuesdays to be considered by SOC at 2:00pm on Wednesdays and by Senate the following Tuesday.

Student Entertainment Committee

Great music. Great minds. Great price.

Sounds great?

The Student Entertainment Committee (SEC), a division of UMaine Student Government, strives to bring high-quality events to campus – from major concerts (eg. Jack Harlow, J Cole, Dierks Bentley, Ludacris, Panic at the Disco, Maroon 5) to major comedians (examples include Bob Saget, Demetri Martin, Daniel Tosh) to popular guest lecturers. SEC consists of Senators and is open to ANY STUDENT WHO WANTS TO HELP PLAN EVENTS ON CAMPUS.

Fair Elections Practices Committee 

Fair Elections Practices Commission (FEPC) is an election commission that is committed to providing a fair election for all Student Government, General Student Senate (GSS), and any other Student Government recognized club elections. FEPC is responsible for conducting and tallying ballots for elections as well as providing election-based events, such as debates and inaugurations, to executive Student Government elections. FEPC is the final arbiter for all Student Government elections and conducts annual reviews of the commission as well as Representative Boards and Community Associations.

FEPC is composed of an elected, non-senator Chair, an elected Senator, and, at a minimum, two elected non-senator students. The FEPC provides students of the University of Maine fair elections for all Student Government and General Student Senate (GSS) elections, as well as any requesting Student Government sponsored club’s election. The majority of FEPC members are non-senator students who help regulate and act as final judges to the elections of the Student Government. In essence, regular, non-Student Government, students can voice their opinion on the fairness of elections through the use of FEPC.


Marketing and Public Relations Committee, Director of Communications

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee (MPRC) is dedicated to forming ideas on how to market the University of Maine Student Government and its ideas to the undergraduate student body.  Senators who serve on this committee attend events on campus sponsored or run by Student Government while also acting as a think-tank for the Director of Communications.

Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership committee is to have jurisdiction over all issues surrounding recruiting new senators, and retention of current senators.  It shall also be the responsibility of the Membership Committee to monitor the adherence of senators to the requirements laid out in the Standing Rules of the General Student Senate.


Auxiliary Services Committee

Services acts as a liaison between students and entities at the University of Maine such as dining services, the bookstore, property management and Cutler Health. It works to act upon ideas to better services provided to the students by the University.


Political Activism Committee

The Political Activism Committee seeks to use UMSG as an outreach tool to engage the student the student body in political activism.


Policy and Procedure Committee

The purpose of the Policy and Procedure Committee is to have jurisdiction over, the Constitution of UMSG, Inc., the Standing Rules of the GSS, all other documents governing Student Government action, or all actions taken by the GSS, or any part, division or agency of UMSG, Inc.