Henry David Thoreau, Bert Call, and the Maine Woods

Photographs by Bert Call, with quotations from Henry David Thoreau’s The Maine Woods
and Introductions by Michael Alpert and Todd Watts

Bert Lincoln Call and Henry David Thoreau never met—Thoreau died four years before Call was born—but they were kindred spirits in their reverence for the Maine woods. Both found inspiration for their art in the vast stretches of forest that still cover much of Maine. Massachusetts native Thoreau traveled to Maine’s northern woods three times, excursions that resulted in essays collected posthumously as The Maine Woods. Call spent his entire life in Maine, nearly all of it as a resident of Dexter, working as a professional photographer and business owner until his retirement at age 78 in 1944. This book matches Bert Call’s exquisite photographs with corresponding quotations from Henry David Thoreau’s The Maine Woods. The changes and continuities from the1850s landscape that Thoreau saw to the early decades of the twentieth century are evident from Call’s photographs in this volume, many taken at the same locations.

ISBN 978-0-89101-135-4

Hardcover; 88 pages


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