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Abial and Anna: The Life of a Civil War Veteran As Told in Family Letters
Edited by Beverly Hayes Kallgren
ISBN 978-0-89101-090-6 (hardcover) $34.95


Acadian Hard Times cover imageAcadian Hard Times: The Farm Security Administration in Maine’s St. John Valley, 1940-1943
By Stewart Doty; Photographs by John Collier, Jr., Jack Delano, Jack Walas
ISBN 978-0-89101-071-5 (paperback) $29.95


Al Sol: Photographs of Mexico, Cameroon, and Nicaragua cover imageAl Sol: Photographs of Mexico, Cameroon, and Nicaragua
Photographs and text by Stella Johnson
ISBN 978-0-89101-114-5 (hardcover) $40.00


The Archaic of the Far Northeast cover imageThe Archaic of the Far Northeast
Edited by David Sanger and M. A. P. Renouf
ISBN 978-0-89101-113-2 (hardcover) $39.95


Becoming Modern: The University of Maine, 1965–2015
Edited by Howard Segal and Ann Acheson
Deborah Rogers, Associate Editor
ISBN 978-0-89101-136-1 (hardcover) $35.00



Bedside: The Art of Medicine cover imageBedside: The Art of Medicine
By Michael A. LaCombe
ISBN 978-0-89101-118-7 (hardcover) $24.95


Beyond Port and Prejudice: Charles Lloyd of Oxford, 1784-1829
By William J. Baker
ISBN 978-0-89101-032-6 (hardcover) $39.95


The Big House
By Mildred Wasson
1926 (reprinted 1980)
ISBN 978-0-89101-043-2 (paperback) $8.95


Blanchard Weather Report
By Todd Watts, with an Afterword by W. M. Hunt
ISBN 978-0-89101-128-6 (hardcover) $40.00



The Bog Walker’s Companion 
Edited by Jerry R. Longcore, James Bird, and Robert Klose, with a Preface by Bernd Heinrich
ISBN 978-0-89101-130-9 (hardcover) $28.00


A Celebration of Maine Children's Books cover imageA Celebration of Maine Children’s Books
By Lynn Plourde and Paul Knowles
ISBN 978-0-89101-093-7 (paperback) $19.95


The Civil War Recollections of General Ellis Spear cover imageThe Civil War Recollections of General Ellis Spear
By Ellis Spear; Edited by Abbott Spear, Andrea C. Hawkes, Marie H. McCosh, Craig Symonds, and Michael Alpert
ISBN 978-0-89101-094-4 (hardcover) $34.95


Comfort Magazine, 1888-1942: A History and Critical Study
By Dorothy Steward Sayward (University of Maine Studies 2:75)
ISBN 978-0-89101-006-7 (paperback) $8.95


Dear Friend Anna cover image“Dear Friend Anna”:
The Civil War Letters of a Common Soldier from Maine

By Abial Hall Edwards
Edited by Beverly Hayes Kallgren, James L. Crouthamel
ISBN 978-0-89101-079-1 (hardcover) $29.95


Dear Mom: W. W. II Remembered in a Sailor’s Letters
By R. C. McCrum
ISBN 978-0-89101-083-8 (paperback) $19.95


Discovering Elizabethan London cover imageDiscovering Elizabethan London: Diary and Sketches
Arline K. Thomson
ISBN 978-0-89101-085-2 (hardcover) $39.95
ISBN 978-0-89101-086-9 (paperback) $29.95


Discovery: Fifty Years of Craft Experience at Haystack cover imageDiscovery: Fifty Years of Craft Experience at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
Edited by Carl Little
ISBN 978-0-89101-106-4 (paperback) $14.95


The Disorders of War cover imageThe Disorders of War: The Revolution in South Carolina
By Jerome J. Nadelhaft
ISBN 978-0-89101-048-7 (hardcover) $39.95
ISBN 978-0-89101-049-4 (paperback) $19.95


Down East Diary
By Benjamin Browne Foster; ed. Charles H. Foster
ISBN 978-0-89101-030-2 (hardcover) $16.95


Early Maine Wildlife cover imageEarly Maine Wildlife: Historical Accounts of
Canada Lynx, Moose, Mountain Lion,
White-tailed Deer, Wolverine, Wolves, and
Woodland Caribou, 1603–1930

By William B. Krohn and Christopher L. Hoving
ISBN 978-0-89101-119-4  $39.95


Enquete Geologistique cover imageEnquête Géolinguistique
By Robert N. Rioux
ISBN 978-0-89101-107-1 $24.95


Evolution of Fish Species Flocks
Edited by Anthony A. Echelle and Irving Kornfield
ISBN 978-0-89101-058-6 (hardcover) $34.95
ISBN 978-0-89101-057-9 (paperback) $24.95


Ezekiel Holmes: Father of Maine Agriculture
By Clarence A. Day (University of Maine Studies 2:86)
ISBN 978-0-89101-015-9 (paperback) $8.95


First Franco: Albert Beliveau in Law, Politics, and Love
A Biography by Douglas Rooks
Franco American Programs, in association with
The University of Maine Press
ISBN 978-0-89101-133-0 (hardcover) $28.00


First Galician Studies Conference (1985)
Edited by Kathleen N. March
ISBN 978-0-89101-067-8 (paperback) $20.00


Go Free: The Antislavery Impulse in Maine, 1833-1855
By Edward O. Schriver (Univ. of Maine Studies 2:91)
ISBN 978-0-89101-021-0 (paperback) $8.95


Grasses and Rushes of Maine
By Glen H. Mittelhauser, Matt Arsenault, Don Cameron, and Eric Doucette
ISBN 978-0-89101-129-3 (paperback) $32.00




Great Ports of the Mercantile Era
By Martyn J. Bowden, Edited and with a Foreword by Stephen J. Hornsby
ISBN 978-0-89101-134-7  $35.00





The Haystack Reader cover imageThe Haystack Reader: Collected Essays on Craft, 1991-2009
ISBN 978-0-89101-121-7  $24.95




SK HEARTS FRONT COVERthumbHearts in Suspension
By Stephen King, with personal narratives by college classmates and friends, edited and with an introduction by Jim Bishop
ISBN 978-0-89101-127-9  (hardcover) $30.00



Henry David Thoreau, Bert Call, and the Maine Woods
Photographs by Bert Call, with quotations from Henry David Thoreau’s The Maine Woods and Introductions by Michael Alpert and Todd Watts

ISBN 978-0-89101-135-4 (hardcover) $40.00



Historical Atlas of Maine cover imageHistorical Atlas of Maine

Stephen J. Hornsby and Richard W. Judd, Editors
Michael J. Hermann, Cartographic Designer

2015; ISBN 978-0-89101-125-5 (hardcover) $85.00



Un Jacques Cartier Errant cover imageUn Jacques Cartier Errant / Jacques Cartier Discovers America: Three Plays Written in North American French, with English Translations
By Grégoire Chabot
ISBN 978-0-89101-087-6 (paperback) $26.00


James A. Herne: Rise of Realism in the American Drama
By Herbert J. Edwards and Julie A. Herne (University of Maine Studies 2:80)1964
ISBN 978-0-89101-011-1 (paperback) $8.95


Lawrence Doyle, the Farmer-Poet of Prince Edward Island:
A Study in Local Songmaking

By Edward D. Ives  (University of Maine Studies 2:92)
ISBN 978-0-89101-022-7 (hardcover) $29.95


The Length and Breadth of Maine cover imageThe Length and Breadth of Maine
By Stanley Bearce Attwood
ISBN 978-0-89101-112-5 (paperback) $29.95


Cover of Lighthouse Keeper's Wife 2019

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Wife
By Connie Scovill Small
1999; reprinted with new cover 2019
ISBN 978-0-89101-098-2 (paperback) $19.95



The Long Crossing cover imageThe Long Crossing and Other Labrador Stories
By Elliott Merrick
ISBN 978-0-89101-074-6 (paperback) $19.95



Maine Amphibians and Reptiles cover imageMaine Amphibians and Reptiles
Edited by Malcolm L. Hunter, Jr., Aram C. Calhoun, and Mark McCollough
ISBN 978-0-89101-096-8 (paperback with CD) $28.00



Maine the Pine Tree State cover imageMaine: The Pine Tree State from Prehistory to the Present
Edited by Richard W. Judd, Edwin A. Churchill and
Joel W. Eastman
ISBN 978-0-89101-082-1 (paperback) $30.00 OUT OF STOCK – AVAILABLE AUGUST 2024



Margaret Chase Smith cover imageMargaret Chase Smith: Beyond Convention
By Patricia L. Schmidt
ISBN 978-0-89101-088-3 (hardcover) $34.95


Marsden Hartley in Maine
By Scribner Ames (University of Maine Studies 2:94)
ISBN 978-0-89101-025-8 (hardcover) $19.95


The Mirror of Maine cover imageThe Mirror of Maine: One Hundred Distinguished Books That Reveal the History of the State and the Life of Its People
Edited by Laura Fecych Sprague
Foreword by Eliot H. Stanley
ISBN 978-0-89101-102-6 (paperback) $19.95
ISBN 978-0-89101-103-3 (hardcover) $29.95


Nightwalk and Other Poems
By Constance Hunting
ISBN 978-0-89101-041-8 (paperback) $8.95


Northeast Folklore: Essays in Honor of Edward D. Ives cover imageNortheast Folklore: Essays in Honor of Edward D. Ives
Edited by Pauleena MacDougall and David Taylor
ISBN 978-0-89101-100-2 (paperback) $29.95



Northwest Greenland cover imageNorthwest Greenland: A History
By Richard Vaughan
ISBN 978-0-89101-072-2 (hardcover) $29.95



By Laura J. Curtis Bullard
1854 (reprinted 1980)
ISBN 978-0-89101-042-5 (paperback) $8.95


Of Place and Gender: Women in Maine History cover imageOf Place and Gender: Women in Maine History
Edited by Marli Weiner
ISBN 978-0-89101-105-7 (paperback) $24.95



Open Form in American Poetry: Essays by Burton Hatlen
Edited with an Introduction by Bruce Holsapple
ISBN 978-0-89101-131-6 (hardcover) $28.00



The Orchids of Maine cover imageThe Orchids of Maine
By Jean Wallace Cameron
ISBN 978-0-89101-001-2 (paperback) $14.95



Papa Martel cover imagePapa Martel
By Gérard Robichaud, with an introduction by Jim Bishop
ISBN 978-0-89101-108-8 (paperback) $19.95



A Part of the Main cover imageA Part of the Main: Short Stories of the Maine Coast
By Edward M Holmes
ISBN 978-0-89101-031-9 (paperback) $9.95



A Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary cover imageA Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Dictionary
By David A. Francis and Robert M. Leavitt; Margaret Apt, Community Research Coordinator
ISBN: 978-0-89101-117-0 (hardcover) OUT OF PRINT
New and expanded edition forthcoming in 2025



Penobscot Man cover imagePenobscot Man
By Frank G. Speck
1940, 1997 (augmented edition)
ISBN 978-0-89101-095-1 (hardcover) $35.00



The Plants of Acadia National Park cover imageThe Plants of Acadia National Park
Compiled and edited by Glen H. Mittelhauser, Linda L. Gregory,
Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber
ISBN 978-0-89101-120-0 (paperback) $28.00


The Plants of Baxter State Park
By Glen Mittelhauser, Jensen Bissell, Don Cameron, Alison C. Dibble, Arthur Haines, Jean Hoekwater, Marilee Lovit, and Aaron Megquier
ISBN 978-0-89101-126-2  (paperback) $28.00


Sedges of Maine: A Field Guide to Cyperaceae
By Matt Arsenault, Glen H. Mittelhauser, Don Cameron, Alison C. Dibble, Arthur Haines, Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber
ISBN 978-0-89101-123-1 (paperback) $32.00


Simply a Man of Letters cover imageSimply a Man of Letters: Proceedings of a Symposium
on Jorge Luis Borges held at the University of Maine
Edited by Carlos Cortinez
ISBN 978-0-89101-052-4 (hardcover) $35.00
ISBN 978-0-89101-051-7 (paperback) $19.95


Sports and the Humanities: A Symposium
Edited by William J. Baker and James A. Rog
ISBN 978-0-89101-055-5 (paperback) $19.95


Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail Map and Guide cover imageThoreau-Wabanaki Trail Map and Guide
By James Francis, Richard Judd, and Michael Hermann
ISBN 978-089101-115-6 $8.95


Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail Map East Branch cover image

Thoreau-Wabanaki Trail Map and Guide: East Branch of the Penobscot River
By Bart DeWolf, Paul Johnson, Don Hudson, and Bill Duffy
ISBN 978-089101-122-4 $8.95



Todd Webb: A Photographer's Welcome Home cover imageTodd Webb: A Photographer’s Welcome Home
Selection and Introduction by Michael Alpert
ISBN 978-0-89101-116-3 (hardcover) $40.00


Wildflowers of Maine Islands
By Glen H. Mittelhauser
ISBN 978-0-89101-132-3 (paperback) $28.00


Winter Keys to Woody Plants of Maine cover imageWinter Keys to Woody Plants of Maine (Revised Edition)
By Christopher S. Campbell and Fay Hyland
ISBN 978-0-89101-034-0 (paperback) $14.95 (OUT OF STOCK)

New edition forthcoming in 2025


Woodsmen, Horses, and Dynamite cover imageWoodsmen, Horses, and Dynamite: Rough Pulpwood Operating in Northwestern Maine, 1935-1940
By C. Max Hilton, F.E.
ISBN 978-0-89101-109-5 (paperback) $19.95