Historical Atlas of Maine

ATLASimageforstoreStephen J. Hornsby and Richard W. Judd, Editors; Michael J. Hermann, Cartographic Designer

After more than a decade of extensive research, the Historical Atlas of Maine presents in cartographic form the historical geography of Maine from the end of the last ice age to the year 2000. Organized in four chronological sections, the Atlas tells the principal stories of the many people who have lived in Maine over the past 13,000 years. The Atlas covers the history of Native peoples, European exploration and settlement, the American Revolution, Maine statehood, industrial development, and the rise of tourism and environmental awareness. To tell these stories, the Atlas presents a rich array of newly created maps, historical maps, paintings, graphs, and text. The result is not only a unique interpretation of Maine, but also a splendid visual record of the state’s history.

The Historical Atlas of Maine has received a number of awards, including:

  • The Globe Book Award for Public Understanding of Geography, American Association of Geographers, 2016
  • “Best of Show,” Cartographic and Geographic Information Society, 2016
  • “Best Book/Atlas,” Cartographic and Geographic Information Society, 2016
  • Excellence in Publishing Award, Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, 2016

203 pages, with full-color plates, introductory texts, and full citations.

Hardcover, 10″ x 14.25″

ISBN: 978-0-89101-125-5 $75.00

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