BECOMING MODERN: The University of Maine, 1965-2015

Edited by Howard Segal and Ann Acheson

Deborah Rogers, Associate Editor

Since the 1960s, the University of Maine has transformed from a traditional land-grant school concentrating on agriculture and engineering into a vastly more diversified institution with a national and international reputation in many fields. Articles in this volume discuss the organizational change that led the once-autonomous University of Maine to become part of the newly created University of Maine System; the growth of research, interdisciplinary programs and centers, and the graduate school; the evolution of the undergraduate curriculum and technological changes supporting teaching; and the expansion of a wide variety of student services and activities.Throughout, the University of Maine has continued its community outreach and service mission as one of the nation’s first land-grant universities, expanding beyond agriculture, business, and engineering to include marine sciences, public policy, humanities, museums, and the performing arts.

Hardcover, 600 + xiv pages, with illustrations

ISBN 978-0-89101-136-1


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