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FEEPASS Program at the University of Glasgow

About the Program

The Facilitated Early Entry Program for Animal Science Students (FEEPASS) is an opportunity for UMaine AVS/PreVet students to spend their final (senior) year studying at the University of Glasgow. This program allows students to study veterinary medicine within a global context. Students who choose to take part not only complete their UMaine degree abroad, but also have a chance for early-entry into Glasgow’s Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (BVMS) degree; this is equivalent to America’s DVM degree and, upon completion, lets students practice veterinary medicine in most of Europe and in North America. *Note: the completion of the entire program leading to a veterinary degree takes eight years. Three years are spent at UMaine and the final five would be at Glasgow.*

Glasgow’s BVMS program is one based on integration of both clinical and scientific subject areas. These courses are delivered in a range of teaching methods that allow individual, team-working and student-centered approaches. Each of these skills are crucial for lifelong independent learning.

Students will take part in professional training from the moment they start at the University of Glasgow; they’ll begin classes in fundamental animal handling techniques, learn skills such as suturing, and develop invaluable communication abilities. 

Apply for FEEPASS Program

Dates and Deadlines


  • The FEEPASS advisor generally announces the FEEPASS program around Labor Day.
  • Students interested in the program should begin looking to apply during their freshman or sophomore year.
  • Students will apply during their sophomore or junior year at UMaine.
    • Whether a student applies as a sophomore or a junior, the student will still take part in the program during their senior year.
    • Set up a meeting with the Education Abroad Advisor either during the fall or winter of their junior year.
  • All applications are due to the FEEPASS coordinator around mid-November in PDF format.
    • If a student is still waiting on a letter of reference (refer to application components) or another piece of their application, the FEEPASS coordinator will submit the incomplete application and file the missing document(s) later.
  • The deadline for the FEEPASS program is early December.

*FEEPASS students are subject to all education abroad deadlines during their senior year*

Application Components

The deadline for applying to Glasgow is early December every year. The application form must be completed by you and then sent to the FEEPASS advisor for double-checking and submission to Glasgow.

Components of the application:

  1. The first section contains many informational questions that must be answered
  2. Cover letter/personal essay, elaborating the student’s desire, suitability and qualifications for the FEEPASS Program
  3. Résumé
  4. Current transcript (unofficial will suffice ). You will need to include transcripts from ALL colleges that you have attended, unless every college course that you ever took appears on your UMaine transcript.
  5. Two letters of references (include at least one practicing veterinarian). These should be written references which must accompany your application.

Reference letters should be sent directly to the FEEPASS coordinator, not to the student applicant!!!

Important Documents

A list of courses taken at UMaine and covered by international semesters in Glasgow. Please compare them with your current transcript when you formulate your semester-by-semester plan with your advisor.

Course requirements UGlasgow agreement.2022

FEEPASS Application. Early in the process of applying, please review the items that you will need to complete prior to December 1, since some require advance planning to complete

FEEPASS application form fall 2022


FEEPASS Source Material

FEEPASS brochure-compressed

Fees & Responsibilities

Students must plan their senior year at Glasgow with the UMaine Office of International Programs and pay all International Program fees.

The International Study plan should be completed soon after the application is filed.

Here is a link to the International Program site.

Students are also responsible for all costs associated with obtaining a visa to live in the UK. Note that this visa, though expensive, makes the student eligible for many UK benefits, including state-sponsored health care.

Students who wish to pursue Glasgow’s BVMS degree upon completion of the FEEPASS program will have a reduction of one year from the total time it would take to complete the American DVM degree. There are also added cost benefits.

If a student decides to apply to FEEPASS they should:

  1. Talk with their academic advisor
  2. Complete as much of the application as possible prior to asking the FEEPASS advisor for an advising appointment. They cannot assist the student without knowing the details of their application.

Requirements & Recommendations

A student who wishes to apply for the FEEPASS Program should:

  • Be part of UMaine’s PreVet program
  • Have a GPA minimum of 3.2 (to be maintained from the point they start applying)
  • Successfully completed all of their freshman science courses
  • (If applying as a fall semester junior) Successfully completed all second-year courses

It’s recommended that a student waits to apply until they have completed the following courses:

  • BIO 100
  • BIO 200
  • CHY 121
  • CHY 122

This is because the students performance in the above courses in indicative of their potential to succeed in vet school. The University of Glasgow will not be able to adequately assess the student without the final grades of the above courses on their transcript. It’s also advised, but not required, that students finish MAT 116 by the end of the fall of their application (fall of sophomore or junior year).

Courses to be Deferred

For students who are accepted to the FEEPASS program, the following senior-level AVS courses should be deferred and taken in Glasgow:

  • BIO 350: Genetics – 3 cr.
  • AVS 466: Livestock Feeds and Feeding – 3 cr.
  • AVS 480: Physiology of Reproduction – 3 cr.
  • AVS 401 & AVS 402: Capstone/Writing Intensive – 4 cr.
  • GenEd: Cultural Diversity/International Perspectives – 3 cr.
  • GenEd: Western Cultural Tradition- 3 cr.
  • Animal Science Elective – 3 cr.
  • General Elective – 4 cr. (i.e. any courses that count as credits toward graduation)



FEEPASS Coordinator

Jessica Majors

Assistant Director of Education Abroad

Erika L. Clement

Education Abroad Advisor

Yijie (EJ) Ren