Media reports on UMaine survey on decriminalizing drug offenses- Harm Reduction Research & Results

Robert Glover and Karyn Sporer had a press conference Tuesday on their Harm Reduction Research and results. Their results were picked up by a number of media outlets:

BDN: (was also on the cover of the print copy yesterday)


Maine Beacon:

Spectrum News:

Portland Press Herald:

Maine Public:


In addition, the Portland Press Herald story was picked up by the Lewiston Sun Journal, the Kennebec Journal, and the national Yahoo News service. And they’ll have an op-ed piece to sustain the momentum in the KJ next week (and some of the orgs in the state have been organizing folks to write LTEs once the op-ed hits). They are really pleased that there’s been such buzz around this in Maine and hope it can move the policy needle.