Dr. Amy Blackstone interviewed for CNBC Article

Dr. Amy Blackstone was interviewed for a CNBC Article:

Parents often refer to their children as their “pride and joy.” But research tells a different story: Having kids doesn’t necessarily make people happier.

Most parents feel that their children are incredibly important sources of life satisfaction, says Jennifer Glass, professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and a demographer who studies the relationship between parenthood and well-being.

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“You find that [parents’] happiness plummets pretty quickly once they discover all of the work that’s involved in a brand new baby,” Amy Blackstone, professor of sociology at the University of Maine, and author of “Childfree by Choice,” tells CNBC Make It.

When reflecting on their lives, parents tend to focus on the positive, loving moments that they have with their kids, Glass says. “And thank goodness for that, because those same marvelous little creatures can put us into the abyss of despondency if anything goes wrong,” she says.

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