Michael Rocque ’05 Article in Newsweek

Michael Rocque ’05 has an opinion piece in Newsweek: “Megan Rapinoe did not Stomp Flag: Here’s why people got outraged regardless“. He has some great insights on use of social media to create groups of angry people who find joy in banding together.

Excerpt: “What will it take to bring Americans together in divisive times like these? A U.S. Women’s World Cup championship should be enough. Yet even that triumph led to controversy, as some took offense to the post-game celebration on the field Sunday—particularly the actions of star player Megan Rapinoe.

…But when we see a meme, post or tweet that sparks that familiar tingle of outrage, take a minute to look into it, verify sources or, better yet, wait to see how the story unfolds once more information is gathered. Remember that we’re wired to crave that collective anger, and stigmatizing shaming may do more harm than good.”

Michael Rocque is an assistant professor of sociology at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

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