Professor Blackstone quoted in Moneyish

Professor Amy Blackstone’s work as a childfree researcher is once again the highlight of an article, “Why these women chose to be childfree – and why that’s completely fine “ by Meers Jagannathan that appears in the online in Moneyish, a standalone, independent site within the Dow Jones Media Group, a vibrant collection of digital media brands.

From the article:

“I love my life as it is,” Amy Blackstone, a sociology professor at the University of Maine, told Moneyish of her own decision not to have kids. “And I feel that parenting is such an important job, and such a hard job, that to ask anyone to do it who is not 100% into doing it is not in the best interest of children or of parents — or of really anybody.”

Blackstone, 46, now a prominent researcher in the “child-free” movement, grew up assuming she would become a parent — and played a considerable role in socializing herself toward that role. She became a certified babysitter at age 11, served as head of her church nursery in high school and worked as a nanny throughout college. But around her mid-30s, as many of her friends were having kids or planning for a family, she realized she wasn’t feeling that same pull toward motherhood.”

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